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Unibody & Frame Repair When you have been in a car accident, there are a lot of factors involved in properly repairing your vehicle.

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Check out our listings for Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Toyota, Ford, and Nissan frame repair kits, frame replacement kits, floors, bumpers, and other items. Collinsville, IL 62234 •, Unusual noises (rattling, grinding, rubbing, etc. Get started by calling McLanahan Collision Center for a free estimate of your auto body repair needs. Our master technicians attend classes every year to learn the latest repair methods.

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A larger frame machine not only accommodates all sizes of vehicles, it also provides extra decking allowing the technician the workspace he needs to ensure proper repairs and that means returning the frame/unibody within factory specifications.

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Unibody vehicles are made strong enough that the car or truck does not need a frame. Other factors, such as mechanical work and the structure of the vehicle need to be taken into account. This is where Miracle Workers Auto Collision Center’s Chief Titan 360 system exceeds industry standards. Consider this, if you are paying a deductible or if you are not at fault, your cost will be the same regardless of what auto body shop you choose.

Is something off about your vehicle? A powerful frame machine will allow the technician to square the center of the frame before moving on to repair damage at the vehicle’s end. ), Uneven wear on shocks, suspension, tires or brakes, Factory parts don’t fit the vehicle correctly. Unibody repair uses some of the same tools as frame repair does. This premium line of paint provides accurate color matching and is environmentally friendly. We know frame damage is concerning for vehicle owners. Have you recently sustained damage in an accident? First is proper diagnosis, and one of the main components that is typically damaged includes the frame of your car. If it is confined to one area, it could be cut out and replaced as well. That means the body is a structural member and it doesn't have a separate frame. We have the ability to repair all sizes of vehicles: compact, full-size, large SUV and also have the capacity to pull full-size trucks up to F450 frames used by ambulance services. Please call or click here to contact us! I consent this site to collect my Information. Utilizing a larger more effective frame rack allows our technicians to work on everything from a small car to a large SUV.

A traditional frame machine may be too small and not powerful enough to properly repair collision damage to today’s larger vehicles. Unibody and Frame Repair We are specialists in unibody and frame repair. From simple repairs to major frame straightening, see why people all over choose McLanahan! The modern body shop has to have a state-of-the-art unibody and frame machine.

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It is a unibody car. Do not assume all collision repair shops are the same. This form collects your information so that we can correspond with you. The cost of the frame repair service is mostly dependent on your type of vehicle and how extensive the damage is.

Upon impact, structural frame damage can result. Not only does Airpark Collision Center utilize both pieces of equipment we employ the technicians trained to use such sophisticated systems. You cannot drive your vehicle with severe frame damage. 2001 S 1st St, Lincoln, NE 68502 This is where Miracle Workers Auto Collision Center’s Chief Titan 360 system exceeds industry standards. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Yes, our trained professionals use state-of-the-art hydraulic equipment to push the frame back to its factory specifications. A-200, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. CREATED BY PRIMEVIEW. Advanced Technology: The strength and technology of Airpark Collision Center’s frame machine allows for multiple simultaneous pulls using equalized pressure; preventing ripping, tearing and bending of the frame/unibody. The symptoms of a damaged frame include the following: The best way to check for frame damage is to have your vehicle inspected by an auto body professional.

The modern body shop has to have a state-of-the-art unibody and frame machine. Paintless Dent Repair

If the measurements are + or – .001mm different, then our trained technician uses the hydraulic towers to exert up to ten tons of pulling power each to bring your vehicle back to its factory shape. Why not select the best facility to repair your vehicle? Airpark Collision Center’s technicians use both the frame rack and a computerized measuring system. Please upload photos with the total file size of up to 15 MB only. Towing. If your vehicle was damaged in a major collision, rest assured Airpark Collision Center is staffed with skilled technicians and utilizes the latest equipment to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. If so, you could have damage to your frame that affects everything from how straight your vehicle will drive to uneven wear on your tires. COPYRIGHT © 2020 AIRPARK COLLISION CENTER. It is important to realize not every auto body facility is the same. We also use an advanced laser targeting system and computer technology (Chief Portal three-dimensional measuring system) to bring your vehicle back to factory specifications. Computerized measuring systems are key to assessing the damage, monitoring the repair and confirming post repair that measurements are correct. There are a lot of high strength steels and crush zones in unibody vehicles. However, you may notice uneven wear of your tires, strange sounds, or that your vehicle pulls to one side or the other. Both the EZ Liner II and S21 frame machines have independent pivoting towers and portable ramps that allow for frame pulling at 360 degrees. Taking the time to do a little research is well worth the effort.

As leaders in the valley’s collision repair industry we realized that many customers are driving SUV’s and pick-up trucks. Only 10% of auto body shops nationwide have earned this status. If you own/lease a newer vehicle equipped with advanced steel and technology these are valid concerns. A powerful frame machine will allow the technician to square the center of the frame before moving on to repair damage at the vehicle’s end. The advanced system combines the accuracy of laser scanning with a computerized data base for unmatched preciseness in auto body repair. Frame repairs.

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Please check our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Our computer system has been programmed with the manufacturer’s factory specifications and a comparison is made. Skilled technicians matter and facilities that invest in updated equipment ensure a proper repair.

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A powerful frame rack is not enough to get the job done correctly.

It is a little the same and a lot different.

McLanahan Collision Center provides a wide range of auto body repair services to customers throughout the St. Louis Metro-East Area including Collinsville, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Maryville, Troy, and all surrounding areas. Unibody repairs. Capitol Collision Repair relies on the accuracy of the Chief EZ Liner II Frame Machine, Chief S21 Frame Machine, and the CAR-O-TRONIC Computerized Measuring System to return your vehicle back to factory specifications.. Frame damage can develop as a result of a collision or car accident, or it can develop over time due to poor maintenance of the vehicle and other problems. Our top three priorities are: The average driver is involved in a collision once every ten years. We also provide service in Collinsville IL, Troy IL, and the surrounding communities. While a personal inspection may do the job, a professional will understand where to look, what to listen for and other specific things that could lead them to a problem that you’ll never be able to find on your own. Mechanical work related to collision damage will also be addressed during the collision repair. McLanahan Collision Center • 105 S. Seminary Street. Vehicles with advanced steel must be repaired on a powerful frame machine. McLanahan Collision Center • 105 S. Seminary Street. Our Chief Goliath Frame machine was purchased in early 2019. Hometown Marketing Group © 2020 • All Rights Reserved. As a family-owned business, we understand your needs for fast, expert service that keeps your vehicle on the road. The strength and technology of Airpark Collision Center’s frame machine allows for multiple simultaneous pulls using equalized pressure; preventing ripping, tearing and bending of the frame/unibody. Check back often for our new products, including hard-to-find torque boxes.

On a Ford Taurus, probably yes.

Welcome to the Safe-T-Cap Frame Repair Kits eBay store. If you must attempt to find the problem yourself, it’s best to start small by visually inspecting the parts of the frame that you can see and taking short test drives to monitor noises and other things that may alert you to a problem. Additionally, your insurance company likely covers some of the damage, which means you’ll pay your deductible for the price of the repairs. Our Chief Goliath provides up to 10 tons of pulling power. Check out Airpark Collision Center on Yelp, Returning the car to its original driving condition. RESTORING YOUR VEHICLE TO ITS PRE-COLLISION STATE!

If you're lucky, it is just the front subframe and can be replaced.

A laser then takes a measurement creating a 3D graphic of the damage. This type of frame uses two different components to make up the frame and resists twisting better than a unibody frame. Yes, you can still drive your car if the damage is not extensive.

When it comes to the frame of your vehicle, it could be damaged and you may never notice. Make sure you’re on the lookout for frame problems to limit the cost of repairs.

This piece of equipment supplies our team with evidence of a proper repair.

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