Once you update the firmware it will fix the issue. No issues. cry0sphinx_ Please be patient for the isolated state change, the discovery, and the link setup. A multi-hop UniFi Mesh network allows your Wireless Uplink configuration to reach as far as is needed without wired connections to help get internet to those less accessible locations in your network. You got lucky that the device was actually accessible.

Launch the UniFi Network Controller and navigate to Settings (gear Icon) > Site. Yes.

Take the Challenge », In search of best Ubiquiti Antennas for specific project. In the past year or so we've noticed a lot of issues have been resolved by moving units to newer firmware. In 99% of my sites, I own DNS, so I can do that.

Seamlessly adopt UniFi devices on offsite controllers.

We're not using a guest portal so I'd like to be able to not have the software running at all times.

We can see the WAP, but the WAP can't see us.

If so, it will not work with the controller being offline. Note: Each Wireless Downlink reduces the available throughput for the Uplink radio by 50%, where “Radio Throughput = Aggregate Bandwidth * [0.5 ^ (# of Wireless Downlinks)]”.

I'm currently swapping our Sonicpoints to Unifi APs. 2.

Readers will learn how to wirelessly connect UAPs to the LAN topology via upstream wired UAPs using UniFi’s proprietary method: Wireless Uplink. And after wireless uplink is set up, the isolated AP will always find and follow the same channel use by its uplink AP. When I install an AP onsite, I go into DNS at that site and create a CNAME or an A record which points "unifi" to my URL. The only issue is that we can't make config changes until I have done it! This might cause issues in some cases, but not all. Its doable and Ive never seen any problems. However, the latest AC models have a glitch out of the box as you just found out.

Easily access local and cloud controllers. Press J to jump to the feed. Enabling Wireless Uplink/Deploying Mesh. UniFi – Set up UAPs in wireless uplink topology, ← UniFi – Migrating Sites with Site Export Wizard, Dual band wired > Dual band wireless, uplink works on 5GHz, Dual band wired > Single band wireless, will uplink on supported frequency of the single band model, Single band wired > Single band wireless will work, as long as the same band is supported on both sides of the link, Single band wired > dual band wireless will not work, Put the island AP to the intended location and connect its power.

When the AP boots up it looks for the DNS record Via your DHCP server.

It store setting locally on the AP if can't see the controller. The only problem I have is that if the controller host reboots, I have to manually restart the controller application. The words you keep repeating is "I thought I did but I didn't, or I thought it did but it didn't" That's a lot of guessing. I use an AC Lite to uplink to the rest of my network. Beacon Technology Solutions is an IT service provider.


you have to tell the AP's how to find your server. If so, what was the process? You can use SSH to manually log into the AP and point it to the server but the DNS options is so much nicer, http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/19641-configure-l3-management-for-the-ubiquiti-unifi-access-points.

I have several that have been running well over a year and I haven't connected back to them since. The following will always be true: The wireless uplink is designed to be reliable rather than quick/dynamic. When the AP is unable to reach the gateway, it goes into the Isolated state.

I started a ping test and the AP was very much coming online, 10 successful pings, then would drop 6, 12 successful, 4 drops, you get the idea.

I've upgraded it to the latest version and so far so good, fingers crossed. I have small setup with controller (linux), UniFi Switch 24 and a few UniFi AP-AC v2 and a few UniFi AP-AC-LR, all devices version I want to use "wireless uplink" with one of the AP-AC-LRs, but when trying I get only "There are no uplinks for this device" Computer  -> LAN side of PoE Adapter -> Powered side of Poe Adapter -> AP. I frequently don't have my controller software up, and have no such issues. You can run a "guest network" without the controller, but you can't have a captive portal or payment tokens.

Have anything to contribute?

Everything so good so far on the APs, except one: The AP is reporting that the uplink is wireless, instead of wired. We have about a dozen different APs spread over our remote sites with a single controller based here In HQ. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The controller establishes wireless uplink between the selected uplink AP and the island AP. Otherwise you can setup a computer on-site or use the CloudKey for this. I used to have sites like yours with 1 AP and no controller software. They're pretty simple at the end of the day: check firmware, check networking settings, make sure there's a big enough DHCP pool and WAN connectivity.

Once options are set, plug the AP in to the real network, and it will retain it's settings.

It has a switch plugged into it that has 7 devices plugged in. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. If you would like more information on the subject, see our UniFi- Feature Guide: Wireless Uplink article. Ubiquity AP can run with or without the controller.

Simply Scalable Video Security. Agreed! “Find more” trigger wired APs to do so. I've used many with the controller shut off, never had any issues. Make quick configuration adjustments. This is an unofficial community-led place to discuss all of Ubiquiti's products, such as the EdgeRouter, UniFi, AirFiber, etc. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? To enable minimum RSSI on the UniFi Network Controller do the following: 1. UBNT UniFi devices don't need a controller to be run. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A month or so ago the server with the controller died and they have all been running fine since as I haven restored this server yet. Your email address will not be published. Write down the procedure that works and stick to it next time. If you close the controller it will stop broadcasting the SSID and they will not pass traffic.

Jul 19, 2017 at 22:04 UTC. I would have loved to have taken the time to set this up and learn it, but someone else in my department picked it out and then it got dumped in my lap with a deadline to get it up by the end of the day since my coworkers were going to that location the next day. To continue this discussion, please Turns out, it didn't. Has anyone been able to successfully make the latest version of the controller software work as a service? Do you happen to set it up with Zero Handoff?

Scalable, plug-and-play network camera system. on Now here's the weird part. Additionally, UDM-Pro offers advanced features such as topology diagrams, device identification, Intrusion Prevention and Deep Packet inspection features not available on locally hosted controllers.

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