The alpha value of the Albedo colour controls the transparency level for the material. TGA is the best format to save as with alpha. This should represent the colors of the surface of the object. If any one can solve this problem please let us know. It might be a Known Issue. However, notice that you see transparency in Cycles, but not in EEVEE, until under Settings of the material, switch Blend Mode to Alpha Blend or one of the other Alpha options. I also tried adding in an overall alpha for the shader but I feel I am missing a key piece of code or have a particular part of my code that is causing this to not work. Essentially, each mesh can have multiple "sub-meshes", which are basically lists of triangles that share a common material.

Why does a blocking 1/1 creature with double strike kill a 3/2 creature? Answers, Alpha channeled grass 1 Podcast 283: Cleaning up the cloud to help fight climate change, Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview, Jagged transparency when rendering translucent textures (OpenGL 3.2 + GLSL). The good news is, this problem is not uncommon. Consider the following image: Is the fruit in that basket in front of the bowl, or behind it?

When does a topos satisfy the axiom of regularity? It does not work the same as PNG at all. I tried changing the render type to transparent and adding the transparent queue as well as adding a mask to the properties section but could not get it to work. If you're drawing a regular picture in real life, the obvious answer is you draw the things based on how far away from the viewer they are. View bugs we have successfully reproduced, and vote for the bugs you want to see fixed most urgently. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. So if you want to import Alpha channel - do as Jessy said, and if you want to use PSD transparency - ensure to have at least one FULLY transparent pixel in your PSD.

(depending on cutout). So, it is really close to solving the problem.

Use MathJax to format equations. How do I do this without also making supposedly opaque parts of the albedo not transparent? Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and 2. The alpha value of the Albedo colour controls the transparency level for the material. Make sure to check out our Knowledge Base for commonly asked Unity questions. If you're really keen you could try digging into custom render pipelines that solve your problem explicitly, but keep in mind you'll be paying a premium in performance if you do.

If it's a PNG image, Maya may have also connected the alpha of the PNG to the transparency of the shader. When you make your object use a transparent material, the fact that 99% of the object is actually solid is completely irrelevant.

I could use a different shader but I'm trying to use a specific one for toon shading. The toon shader was working beautifully about a week ago. Apply changes. Make sure Compression is set to "Normal Quality" or lower. Enter the Z-Buffer: The Z-Buffer is a simple idea: When drawing the pixels of an object, you also draw the depth of those pixels. Regression introduced in: 5.6.0b11, To me changing PNG from Indexed to RGB helped. You have a few options. To avoid this, a smart renderer (including unity) goes through the following steps: This way, the chances of running into weird depth sorting issues is minimized. The alpha channel values are mapped to the transparency levels with white being fully opaque, and black being fully transparent. Try using a different shader on your material. And thank you for taking the time to help us improve the quality of Unity … Select "A" image in Project.

As far as Unity is concerned, your entire object is transparent, and so it gets drawn according to its depth relative to other transparent objects in the scene. 1. What Point(s) of Departure Would I Need for Space Colonization to Become a Common Reality by 2020? Submission failed. Reproduction Steps: The second image seems like the Alpha in RGBA is 0, try changing it. Unlit/Transparent should do the trick, though without any lighting. Is this shader just no longer supported by Unity? I believe so. As I understood, Unity searches at leat one fully-transparent pixel in picture, and if it find it - PSD transparency imports instead alpha, else it will import PSD Alpha as is. The picture shows that the texture contains an alpha channel, but even the first preview of Sample Texture 2D shows the texture as opaque. If you are a new user to Unity Answers, check out our FAQ for more information. Import attached project. Because I can't see why it wouldn't be working, as I copied and pasted it exactly how it was in that thread. Is it ethical to award points for hilariously bad answers? It had worked like it usually does and made the background of my texture transparent. Think carefully about what you have to work with. Most of the time, this is fine; After all, if you're just trying to sort a bunch of objects, the only depth you really care about is the depth of the front-most one. (based on uvs and resources) What I mean is this. Author Topic: Unity and alpha/transparency problem (Read 8429 times) nattapong3d. The first and most important thing you can do is limit transparent materials to areas that are explicitly transparent. If you are a moderator, see our Moderator Guidelines page. Whenever I import images with transparency into Unity I just use the original .psd file with an alpha channel to mask it. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. You can use an alpha map to apply varying levels of transparency to a Material. It’s important to note that the Albedo texture should not contain any lighting, since the lighting will be added to it based on the context in which the object is seen. Using gate driver MIC4427 with 24V supply. Unity doesn't pull the alpha channel from .psd files - it looks for the alpha in the layers (same as with png).

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