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She’s purely self centered and selfish. To straight up ignoring Isen saying that Arlo provoked him into this in the first place. Remi remembers back to the time when she saw Arlo injured and connects it with John. (Likely). This is the 145th episode of unORDINARY Arlo's apology leaves John stunned. Its gonna be sad but John's gonna get beat because he "cant see remi before she attacks or something. Archived. Chapter 145 Episode Chapter Link John points out that he's only doing what Arlo wanted in the first place and climbing the ranks.

(Unlikely), John denies apology and destroys the hierarchy and Arlo exposes him. She tells Issen to explain everything he knows. Nd sera could make john stop his rampage.

Nobody paid much attention to John – just a normal teenager at a high school where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. Issen says they can't force John to do anything at this point. It’s rare when the protagonist is a villain or anti-hero in a story. 144 comments. Isen didn't know what to do, and Blyke figured out that Isen knew the Joker was John this entire time and was hiding it. Release Date

(Likely). Issen tells Blyke he doesn't know what he's talking about, but Remi interjects by shooting a lightning bolt from her fingers between the two. Press J to jump to the feed. He goes to greet him, only to have a horrifying realization.

Remi wants to act high and mighty and run around playing at hero, but doesn't give a crap about the injustices going on in her own school. r/unOrdinary. Blyke remembers Issen was looking up John and how obsessed Issen was with John, especially when John and Blyke became roommates and Issen told Blyke to be nice to him. No more Royals. Frustrated with the slow progress of his training, Blyke wonders how Joker was able to masterfully utilize such a difficult technique so quickly. Remi tries to break them apart and calm Blyke down, but Blyke says he can't because while he was roommates with a maniac his best friend was hiding it from him. John sees it as a transparent attempt to save the heirarchy rather than a change of heart born out of remorse. UnOrdinary Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. He begins to doubt himself, but Issen thinks to himself how good Blyke's intuition is.

Her first suggestion was to flat out jump him until he admitted that he's Joker, in which she doesn't know it's him for sure 100%, so she's willing to risk beating up on a cripple. 6 months ago. Wouldn't make sense to attack John without the mask because it would be like bullying a cripple. This isn’t gonna end well... for them. Blyke laments that he was so nice to John.

Down an arm and livid beyond words, Joker attempts to blast Arlo with an Lightning-enhanced Energy Beam, but the King easily blocked the attack, leaving Joker open for a counterattack from Remi. She literally prevents him from going to war and beating down everyone. What they don’t realize is that Seraphina is limiting John. John makes it clear that, for destroying his life, Arlo would have to watch as everything he holds dear is torn down and live with it for the rest of his days. Blyke was pissed, Remi cooled down the conflict. If John is exposed nobody knows what he will do. That would be bad.

Love quantum groups. John accepts his apology and Cecile blackmails Arlo for her old job back because she knows about John. For all the ability training he's undergone recently, he's only able to execute the Energy Beam finger technique through three of his fingers.

28th August, 2019 Remi didn't have it and basically told Arlo that even though he lost once that it doesn't mean that he can just give up.

I can picture Every thing in my head. This is the 145th episode of unORDINARY Arlo's apology leaves John stunned.

Archived [Fastpass Spoilers] UnOrdinary - Episode 146 Discussion. But John’s got a secret past that threatens to bring down the school’s whole social order – and much more. This is plausible because Cecile really has nothing to lose anymore. To be honest, this chapter made me do a 180 on the whole John vs Remi thing.

He went to tell Isen and Remi. 55. He deduces that the copied abilities aren't retained permanently, given that he didn't start their fight with Isen's Hunter ability. Issen says that he's thought it over and knowing who it is won't help, but Blyke interjects saying it's a huge advantage. Remi is confused about him asking this. When that limit is taken off, they’re going to be faced with merciless John who is going to be putting the beat down on everyone.

Later that night at the dormitories, Blyke sits on his bed in deep thought. At these words, Arlo demands that they settle this here and now, but John refuses to be baited. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Remi is no different from everyone else in the school. Remi sighs as well, accuses Arlo of giving up even though he only lost once. He calls himself pathetic. Isen doesnt say snything, he then gets handled and it gets confirmed, then remi remember arlo got scratches all over his face and figures out he knows john is joker as well. There's a chance Remi will fight John regardless though, since right now her group is gathering info to face him. Remi then proceeds to go to Arlo in the halls and told him why he was keeping John a secret. Remi asks why John would do this. 92% … Arc Episode At this point Blyke realizes Issen had known this whole time and was keeping it to himself, so he confronts Issen by grabbing him by the collar and pushing him up back. With that, John leaves Arlo to contemplate the impending consequences of their combined actions. Nobody paid much attention to John – just a normal teenager at a high school where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. Ok can I just say that I really hated Remi and Isen in this episode? John demands to know why Blyke is staring at him. Continuing on from the previous chapter, Arlo enters the battle to aid Remi against the rampaging Joker.

Remi is astonished to hear Arlo knew of this and wasn't doing anything about it. ← Chapter 154 This thread is to discuss the latest chapter available under fast pass. That's why he didn't say anything and kept an eye on him when he discovered who John was, but ever since Arlo provoked him and Seraphina lost her powers he only got angrier.

I really don’t think John has a plan, he seems mentally unhinged right now as stated by Arlo. Remi turns to Issen and asks what he thinks about John being Joker and Issen freezes and gets an intense look in his eyes. Characters in bold & italics denote the characters who are making their first appearance.Characters in only italics have appeared before but have yet to be named.Characters in only bold have appeared before but were not named until this chapter.

Isen reveals that Arlo lost to him a long time ago, and Remi flash backed to the time she talked to Arlo about the Kovaro Mall incident and how Arlo promised to tell her what happened to him because he was injured by John. Soon enough, surprise turns to anger as John declares that an apology won't undo the pain Arlo caused him. Remi asks if that's his plan, to just give up and hand the school over to John. How even though Arlo holds the title of King, he can do nothing.

1 Summary 2 Appearing Characters 3 Appearing Abilities 4 Navigation Despite most of the Wellston Students gathering around to witness Joker's battle against the Royals, Seraphina was more concerned with helping Evie study in the library. (Likely), John denies apology and goes back on his rampage, only to be blackmailed by Arlo. That’s what makes the next phase of John going crazy worth it. Joker Close.

Issen interjects and says they have no proof, pointing out Blyke didn't even think it could be him until moments ago, and saying that would only discredit the information the paper gives out.

Joker was unable to use Barrier despite the fact that Arlo had used it mere moments earlier; Arlo theorized that the Joker cannot copy multiple high-level abilities or cannot copy more than four abilities.

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Arlo sighs and says that John is the strongest and it is his right to stand at the top, like it or not, and to just follow his advice as Arlo doesn't want to see her hurt.

Nice set of predictions! Close. Remi tells them that they should ambush him at his weakest, but Isen said that that'll only make the high rankers look reckless because all it looks like is that they're freaking out and beating up a cripple.

Just as Joker was about to continue beating the unconscious Remi, Arlo tackled the Joker to save her, but he too was no matched for the masked attacker. Blyke has a lot on his mind, and remi and isen ask him whatsup. Blyke drops Issen and the two turn to face Remi, slightly frightened.

Probably threaten to tell John secret to Sera.

Abilities in bold and italics denote the abilities that are making their first appearance.Abilities in italics have been seen before but have yet to be named.Abilities in bold have been seen before but were not named until this chapter. Release Date save. User account menu. Oh no, they’re gonna try and turn Sera against him aren’t they?

Soon enough, surprise turns to anger as John declares that an apology won't undo the pain Arlo caused him. With Arlo publically defeated, Holden announced that a new King must be elected in place of the usurped one; Joker is now the King of Wellston.

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