By the time the side-spinning planet resumes forward motion on January 14, 2021, you may emerge with a whole new way of expressing yourself! Uranus Retrograde asks you to go within find your unique creations. Astrology is a language of symbolism, however, so when a planet turns retrograde and appears to move backwards, symbolically this reflects a subtle change in the planet’s energy in our astrological charts too. In general, Uranus retrograde in the natal chart is considered less impactful than a retrograde personal planet, such as Mercury or Venus. Thank you.

Thank you so much Kelli Fox for being there for me. What does abundance really mean to you and what are willing to change to achieve it?Uranus in 3rd house: The third house rules our communication and systems.

Kelli you are amazing and I love love love ❤️ your new website, videos and ways of showing us our Astrology in new and beautiful ways. Uranus' responsibility in the birth chart is to awaken us to real freedom, pushing us out of complacency through subsequent breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Maybe just wait it out and see which changes come down “from on high.”. While you’re practicing the Law of Attraction, throw yourself into a creative project. No more burying your head in the sand: If you’ve been secretly wishing for “something” to shake up a key union, you might be waiting for a long time. Uranus Retrograde Transiting 8th House While this reversal could initially cause you to stress, it’s actually a blessed chance to stop powering forward in cruise control.

Uranus will be retrograde for five months, all the way until January 14, 2021. I hope there will be more courses in future with Kelli. Part of preparing for this retrograde is realizing that there will be uncomfortable moments, and the more we resist or try to control the changes around us, the greater we will struggle within those circumstances or events. Life begins to take an unexpected turn on August 15th as Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change, turns retrograde in the earth zodiac sign of Taurus. For instance, Uranus in my chart falls in my first house.

Uranus Retrograde Transiting 11th House You’re not joined at the hip and this energy will help you overcome jealousy. I know you are excellent at your gift of astrology.... Much Love Always! This planet will push us from our comfort zones, either by a gentle nudge or a straight-up shove.

As Uranus retrogrades in your house of communication, reflect on a time when you held your tongue and then regretted it. I learn a lot. With Uranus there is no easing into it, he is bold and confrontational. Because Uranus retrograde is a bit of liquid courage to take that leap of faith, to say yes to life, and to let go of our fear of "what if," instead embracing the idea of "why not.". Hi there! I highly recommend TimePassages for both the astrological student and professional." And then set some really big goals for the coming several years, especially when it comes to where you’re putting down roots—and with whom! Enjoyed every moment, as usual.Thank you for your wisdom and time. This is a chance to move beyond materialism and to re-think your relationship with money. This placement lends to the belief that careers are something you design, not something society designs. Now that Uranus is retrograde here, there should be fewer surprises. It can be troublesome at first glance, but upon deeper reflection this time is ripe with opportunities. The side-spinning planet rules all things rebellious and futuristic, while earth sign Taurus is a conservational traditionalist.

Uranus breaks things up, and amongst the chaos, he brings us new ideas, new behaviors, and new normals. The Sabian Symbol for ten degrees Taurus is a man seated on a throne, crowned, with signs of wealth around him which represents the degree of self-service. Uranus happens to be in retrograde for 6 months, every year, time in which it’s producing many changes. You bring me hope in my daily life. Thank you for this service. It will ask you to use your intuition to determine who your tribe is and where your home indeed can be found.

Uranus in this house brings the future to dreaming. Could you revamp some things that need attention, like your work-life balance, say? Now the challenge is figuring out whether to say something and, if so, what. I love you and all the help you give and for free.

A career related shock may have left you reeling, but this retrograde period shows you how to quietly and calmly reclaim the high ground. Starting August 15, the unpredictable planet turns retrograde until January 14, 2021, reversing through Taurus and your first house of self and identity. Yet hidden in the cracks of widespread disruption hide beautiful seeds of truth, just waiting for our awareness to shine upon them, so that they may grow and flourish into potentials we could never have even imagined.

Expect questions to arise around how you exchange energy with the world. We will never spam you or sell your email. You really go above and beyond! You bring me peace when I need it. Uranus Retrograde will affect what you consider true. "TimePassages has to be one of the best astrology programs available today. The key to navigating Uranus Retrograde with grace is knowing where his energy will show up in your world. It is here we form how we are seen by the outside world. Retrograde planets in the birth chart are sometimes described as being unable to fully express themselves or having oddball, round-about ways of manifesting their influence.

My only comment is you need to concentrate not be distracted so much. Hello to a workflow that actually works! I love these weekly get togethers. Awesome Amazing Beautiful Fantastic! Your eyes might be opened to someone’s bad behavior when renegade Uranus turns retrograde in your teamwork zone on August 15 until January 14, 2021. RELATED: How Uranus, The Ruler Of Aquarius, Affects Each Zodiac Sign & Astrology House. Copyright © Uranus never actually moves backwards. Just as common is the idea that retrograde planets in the natal chart only begin to emerge successfully later in life after much introspection and adjustment. While there are many things to be considered about this astrological phenomenon, in this article I will be focusing on the energetic and spiritual dimension of this particular retrograde cycle, and how we might best utilize this time for our growth and well being. For a better insight into what to expect during a Uranus retrograde transit period, we look at which astrological house the planet is moving through. Fast-moving planets were interpreted as being active and able to bring about their significations, while slow-moving planets, like ones in retrograde, were deemed too sluggish to do their job properly.

Love you! The urge to transform our reality that is produced by Uranus transits is best re-examined during the Uranus retrogrades, when we may have better objectivity, and a cooler, more even-keeled approach.

Uranus retrograde will question your individual choices and if they are blocking your spiritual growth. ★★★★★ ຂອບໃຈເພື່ອໆທີ່ແບ່ງສິ່ງດີໆມາໃນຊີວິດຂາ້ພະເຈົ້າ.ຂາ້ພະເຈົ້າສັນຍາວ່າຈະແບ່ງປັນແຮງບັນດານໃຈແລະສິ່ງດີໆໃຫ້ກັບເພືອນໆທົວທຸຸກມຸມໂລກ.ຂອບໃຈ.ຂອບໃຈ.ຂອບໃຈ.

On August 15, your revolutionary ruler, Uranus, turns retrograde until January 14, 2021, backtracking through Taurus and your domestic zone. This house also rules our humanitarian efforts and is traditionally home to Uranus. How can you feel free and committed at the same time?Uranus in the 8th house: The eighth house is the house of personal growth. Love all this. I can't describe how excited I was when I found out about this course with my favourite Astrologer Kelli Fox.

While this might feel like a contradiction, that’s not necessarily the case. Love & Relationships Psychics Tarot All. These energies are also connected with shock, innovation, revolution, freedom and wildness.

My deepest gratitude and friendly wishes. The time now 4.16 am early morning. Explore the vast subject of astrology in our online learning section! What truths are blocking your growth?Uranus in the 10th house: The tenth house governs our career and our reputation. Thank you for your guidance in all events. Thank you, Kelli, for sharing your gift and knowledge.

Change isn’t always optional, which is what many of us will find out in the coming months. On August 15, when chaotic Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus and your visionary ninth house until January 14, 2021, you might realize that it’s necessary to scale back on a plan that was a little too ambitious for this crazy year. If you haven’t been able to get your timing right since changemaker Uranus blasted into your sign on May 15, 2018, now you’ll have a minute—i.e., five months—to step back and adapt. The energies are the same and the natives with such placements may respect the rules and the norms imposed by society only to a certain point, after which they’ll start to rebel, only to calm down after a little while and to become their old selves again.

Hey Kelli, I just love your readings! I look forward to your videos each day and can relate to most of what is said. Thank you immensely Kelli. I have Uranus retro’d in the 7th. It rules our subconscious, our dreams and our desire to seek something more significant than us. I would like to get inspiration from her. Likely, this journey over these few degrees of Taurus will have us shedding layers and seizing new opportunities for growth that will require us to give up certain comforts we have now. You are amazing! RELATED: The Order Of Each Planet & How Stationary Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign. It will be a perfect distraction until January 14, 2021, when Uranus resumes forward motion. The Summer of Retrogrades continues, as Uranus joins the backward spinning pack. This energy is about pleasing yourself and only yourself. For a better insight into what to expect during a Uranus retrograde transit period, we look at which astrological house the planet is moving through. Professional savvy means knowing when to push forward, when to stay still and when to go back to the drawing board. For me, it's great just to open on your web site to see what is that specific day's prediction! Remember the retrograde lasts until January 14, 2021—and the celestial innovator will stay in Taurus until April 2026—so keep on immersing yourself in this creative new chapter for your finances.

The scale of change necessary may feel scary, but if you take it bit by bit, you’ll find that you can make large changes without losing your mind.

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