link where I found it...)As it states it randomly finds a province, and adds population, each time you fire the event a different or the same as before province gets more population, where afterwards it goes everywhere (soldiers, factories, etc)... you can also change any of the parameters (duration, etc) (obviously) to your liking.... enjoy! Your game may run faster but will be less dynamic. This argument is only required if you are turning this command on. Form Czechoslovakia - Allows you to form Czechoslovakia, Can be done as any nation. If you do not specify a country here, all of your country's alliances will be broken. This command will reload the file with the specified name. This command will start a general (common) election in the nation you are currently playing as. your Steam library).

This command generates fake news for the specified article. You need to select the mod in the launcher after install, Hey hey, would really appreciate it if you could please add compatibility with the TGC, in the next update, mod since currently if you use the research all decision 2 techs in the industry branch remain unresearched. Reduce Infamy - This option will reduce infamy by 50 each time this decision is taken.

tutorial [chapter id / reload] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. Presidential Dictatorship - Converts your nation into a Presidential Dictatorship. This command reloads the database of fake news and fake news styles. Half Non-Primary Population - Reduces your non-primary cultures be 50%. Annex your puppets - All vassals and sub states are annexed into your nation. (Anarchy Mode) Enable AI Absorbing Occupied Provinces / Disable AI Absorbing Core Provinces -. - David Mitchell​. The ID of the province you wish to teleport your selected unit to. This command will enable logging of all price changes to the game.log file. You can optionally specify an animation, gun, and hat after the actor name and province ID to customize the actor. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. See argument information for help. I can't get this to work. The province ID of the province you wish to change the controller of. Specify any of the following here to spawn the actor with: animation ID, gun ID, and/or hat ID. The command blockades the province with the specified ID. This command will change the date to the specified year, or a more specific date in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD (e.g.

This command adds the specified amount of prestige to your nation. Increase Jingoism in Your Population - Makes your population more jingoistic. Trigger Taiping Rebellion - Spawns Heavenly Kingdom and starts the civil war.

How can I make my country (Sweden) attractive to immigrants? (With the exception of Combustion Engines & Electrical Power Generation, Organic Chemistry and Electricity & Synthetic Polymers). TRAINERS CoSMOS REQUESTS QUEUE BOARDS REWARDS SUPPORT We … Annex Your Sphere - All nations in your sphere are absorbed into your nation. This command 'reorganizes' the province with the specified ID - giving the province 100% organization and maximum strength.

Privacy Contact Cookie & Privacy Settings, spawnactor [actor id] [province id] [animation / gun / hat], debug cb_use [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag], fakenews [article name] [style name] [seed]. also if anyone wants to use conquerall it can ONLY be used during war, dude one my problem was fixed two i think you have to do change owner command several times to get it to have all the provinces you want, @terry.wall+charlie do the changeowner command it becomes yours instantly if you don't mind putting in each province id each time, event 10120 muda 10% população para liberal, I am playing as Prussia and want to become the German empire but conquerall doesn't work. The genocide event will leave your affected provinces with a negative modifier for a few years, but after that you're good to go. The country tag of the country you wish to make the controller of the specified province. The first country you specify is the country using the casus belli. This would normally take place around 1905. Suppression points are used to suppress revolts, etc. The amount of humans you wish to add to your country. Specify a negative number to decrease militancy.

To start the event in a province, enter the province ID of this province here. If no argument is specified, this command will print a list of all commands to the console. Reading this thread, it may be that this immigrant POP is merging with the previous POP of the same culture/idealogy. Form Arabia - Allows you to form Arabia, Can be done as any nation. window [open / close] [window] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. To start an upper house reelection in another nation, use the tag command to switch to that country and then run this command. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive. Therefore I try to keep this mod as light as possible. Convert Population to Fascists - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly fascist. Increase because I want to pass specific reforms and decrease because I want to preserve my sanity. Late Financial Technologies - Research the last three lines of financial technologies. lprestige [province id] [amount] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. Or, specify 'reload' to reload the tutorial files (to apply any changes you have made). Add Core State Provinces - Adds cores to all state provinces. Would you please run a quick test. This mod is desinged to help test mod features or just play a more sandbox style of game. Activate the mod in the launcher. spawnactor [actor id] [province id] [animation / gun / hat] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. Good Relations - Maximum relations with all nations, Bad Relations - Worst relations with all nations. Victoria II is a great strategy game produced by Paradox Development Studio and distributed by Paradox Interactive. This is a toggle command - run it again to disable it.

This command generates news from the specified file. Convert Population to Reactionary's - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly reactionary. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. New localization. citysize [on / off] [size] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. fakenews [article name] [style name] [seed] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. Toggle Slavery On/Toggle Slavery Off - Toggles slavery in your nation. Late Military Technologies - Research the last three lines of army and navy technologies. Specify a negative number to remove.

Early Financial Technologies - Research the first three lines of financial technologies. I don't see how this isn't profitable. Give Research Points - This option will give your nation 5,000,000 research points each time this decision is taken. Convert Population to Conservatives - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly conservatives. I am not the author of this, I found it in the paradox forum, but it helps a great deal, (at least it helped me)Hit there, fire the event this way:alt + 21 ( this 21 in the number pannel)and go to your events folder, create a txt file, name it Cheats and copy this inside the Cheats file you have created:Quote:#Pop upcountry_event = {id = 80002trigger = {ai = no}mean_time_to_happen = {months = 2000}title = "multiply pop"desc = "The pop growth cheat. This command adds 1,000 cash to your nation's reserves. filename.gfx, filename.txt), that you wish to reload. E.g. Please see the. The amount of each good you wish to add to your nation (e.g. This command adds the specified amount of prestige to leaders attached to units within the specified province. You need to specify the file with its file extension (e.g. CheatPack version update detector added. The name of the shader that you wish to reload. In yesman mode, the AI will always respond favorably to offers and deals. 400.000 POPs … blockade [province id] DLC: Hearts of Darkness. This command adds the specified amount of leadership to your nation. This command toggles instant construction for your nation (and other human nations) only - AI nations do not have instant construction. What command would I use for peace if I am playing as the CSA or other nation and am at war when the game starts?

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