Real Life Haunted Houses in St. Augustine Florida "If the dead can't rest in peace, how on Earth can the living? ORB! My name is Chloe.

Many have described seeing a small girl peering out of a window on the top floor of the museum. Return To Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Home Page , Copyright © 2009-2020 Unfortunately, on the 1st day of April in the year of 1889, the new keeper whose name was William Harn, passed away as a result of developing the serious medical condition known as tuberculosis. There is also a spirit who roams the building that enjoys causing mischief while people are trying to read and the sounds of laughter can be heard. The man who oversaw the construction of the new tower construction was named Hezekiah Pittee. Unfortunately, two of Pittee’s daughters drowned that day. A young boy and a young girl were saved. On the 10th day of July in the year of 1873, five of the kids fell into the water from the car. We then showered and left for the evening around 6pm. If you are interested in real life haunted houses in St. Augustine, Florida, you may be interested in a structure that is collectively identified in the area as “Fay’s House”. It is very common for individuals to hear the sounds of footsteps – even when no cause may be identified. You may even find the apparition of a young girl moving around the City Gates and waving to those passing by on the street! Haunted History: There are many who claim that if you walk past the house day or night you get the strong feeling of being watched from the house. Nevertheless, it soon became clear that the structure would soon lose the battle with Mother Nature as the sea continued to erode the land around the … Disembodied voices and other strange sounds have been heard in and around the St. Augustine Lighthouse Museum and tower.

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