The ingredients’ ratio can be adjusted to taste without any strict rules. Pour the smoothie into a glass and eat with a straw or spoon (it’s that thick!).

Che Troi Nuoc is a sweet soup made with … Oh God. We all know they only have a small window of perfect ripeness, so don’t let them go to waste. Asian food is some of my favorite to play with, but I haven’t done a lot of Asian inspired sweet things: just a Thai mango sticky rice. The powerful floodwater is seen sweeping away almost everything on its way including a man, with people around yelling for help, Editor-in-Chief: LE THE CHU Publication permit 1332/BTTTT-PTTH&TTĐT, granted by the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. For a nicer presentation, you may serve the avocado dessert in the avocado skin you scooped them out from. Given that summer is here, a sweet smoothie seemed quite appropriate. Place this sheet in the freezer for one hour. While avocados are more popularly used in sweet dishes in Vietnam, locals do add the fruit to savory dishes. The flavor is wonderful and it's so easy too. Process until smooth and enjoy immediately. Milk - this helps you to be able to whiz it all up. Olander is not alone in her skepticism about Vietnamese avocado habits. I try to live in harmony with the seasons by choosing local produce and ingredients that are at their peak of perfection. In Sweden, we often stuff avocados with shrimp and dill sauce, or slice and put them in sandwiches.”. Ingredients 1 ripe avocado 1 cup ice 1/2 cup milk 1-1/2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk 1-1/2 tablespoons tablespoons granulated white sugar I can’t wait to explore the food and culture there. It takes seconds to assemble this smoothie, all you have to do is put the frozen avocado slices, milk, condensed milk, and ice into a strong blender and press mix! Now I can enjoy my drink just how I like it without having to pay a premium. All Rights Reserved. In Vietnam, they use a different variety of avocado, but I prefer the Haas type because it’s richer in flavor and creamier. Locals who pick up sau, a typical fruit of Hanoi, for sale to earn a living will not start their daily ‘harvest’ until the sun goes down. This smoothie recipe puts avocados in the dessert category with its rich, nutty flavor and extra chunky texture that’s made by using frozen Haas avocados. During my recent trip to Vietnam, I noticed an abundance of street vendors selling avocado shakes and smoothies (sinh tố bơ), which piqued my interest in making this recipe. Basically, put it all in the blender and whiz! I love how you can travel the world through food.

Asia Travel What better way to enjoy the Summer heat than a refreshing cold beverage in hand. “So today, I will show you guys how my country eats it.”. The result is a cold sweet treat slightly similar to the Filipino dessert “halo-halo.”. The dessert is called bo dam in Vietnamese, and the ingredients will be folded together by the eater with a … Sign up with your email address to receive recipes straight to your inbox, Vietnamese Fermented Anchovy Dipping Sauce, Mắm Nêm, Mắm Nêm Recipe, Mam Nem Recipe, Dipping Sauce, 10 popular Vietnamese dipping sauces, Vietnamese Papaya Soup with Pork, papaya, soup, canh, Canh Đu Đủ Nấu Thịt Nạc, pork, Vietnamese Grass Jelly and Milk Dessert (Sửa Sương Sáo), Vietnamese Hot Milk Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Nong), Iced Caramel Macchiato using Vietnamese Phin, Grass Jelly Milk Tea with Sea Salt Cream Top (Tra Sua Suong Sao), Vietnamese Avocado Shake (Sinh Tố Bơ) Recipe.

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