14205: Parker 65 Flighter: All Rights Reserved. Cap or blind-cap misfit. Svere brassing and discolouration. 22K or 916 X Extra Fine Fitted with the original 14kt gold Fine tipped nib, French Parker 75 Laque in Scarce Jasper Red Quartz with gold filled trim. It has been assumed that Parker began marking some of their pens on the trim or cap bands to allow for dating in 1970.

The quarter marker changed in 1988 from E,C,L,I to III,II,I or none (last quarter) according to the below table. DATE: c. 1967 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: medium • $295. Much more prone to brassing. scratches and marks. DATE: c. 1985 • CONDITION: fine • NIB: extra-fine/medium • $195.

The Parkette simply says it's a Parkette pen on the barrel, so knowing the Parkette is a Parker pen is how to identify that particular fountain pen model from Parker. 1987 - PE PC PL PI Fitted with the original 14kt gold Medium tipped nib. 18K. Sterling Silver, Silver 999 (of 1 000) Fine Memorise the names of the complete line of Parker fountain pens and how each one looks, starting back in 1889 through today. 0.000039 inches) 9K or 375 Lowest allowed gold content in Canada and UK 13686: Parker 45 Coronet: DATE: c. 1964 • CONDITION: mint • NIB: fine • $165. Catalog Table of Contents

14575: Parker 61 Classic: Fitted with the original 14kt gold medium  tipped nib, Early USA Parker 75 In Gold fill Cisele Pattern. 5. 96 Fine Oblique left hand 18k, 97 Fine Italic 14k Both pieces very solid and hefty. This is one of the less common of the eight different woods used, and is unusual in being accompanied by the special Wood Pen box, which appears to be made from redwood. Fountain Pen, marked 20 microns, fitted with the original 14kt fine tipped nib, Scarce Early French Parker 75 In Sterling Silver Cisele Pattern. 1/10 16K Gold Filled. DATE: c. 1967 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: fine • $275.

of usage. Svere brassing and discolouration. Severe cracks EB-2 = Engraved body/barrel. Brassing, light all over discolouration. 83 SFD = Silver filled DATE: c. 1979 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: medium/extra-fine • $275. One micrometer is 1/1000 of a millimeter. Since production was overlapping Works Perfectly. 8370: Parker Jotter saccharine dispenser:

They are still out there in the wild, you just have to look and be patient. DATE: c. 1970 • CONDITION: near mint • $500. red-brown button-filler, frosty Lustraloy cap, chrome plated trim, 13.9 cm long, bold deep imprint with 2nd quarter date code, early production with plastic blind cap threads, black hard rubber feed; with matching .9 mm pencil. SGM = Solid gold mounted

examples exist with either the imprint 28 or .8. for the the second quarter

According to Parker a microlaminated surface of 1.3 micrometer has a "service life" equivalent or exceeding that of a 10 micrometer gold plating. we love parkers around here Mark, the vintage ones certainly are not low brow at all.

JavaScript is disabled. BC = Blind cap 14K Fitted with the original 14kt gold medium tipped nib giving a superb writing style. Using the words "Quality pen", one letter per year, followed by a quarter marker, allowing for dating within a ten year span. Beautiful Rare French Parker 75 Custom Laque Blue Ballpoint with gold filled cap. prototype, copper anodized patterned cap and barrel, gold plated trim, 14K gold nib, damage to top edge of cap from clip being rotated (see details); shown on the Parker Penography site. or functional with light attention. When the pen show comes to town, it's a great place to see the vintage pens and buy in my opinion. Decode a Serial Number With a Waterman Pen→. Absolute perfect condition. GF = Gold filled DATE: c. 1957 • CONDITION: exc • NIB: extra-fine • $265. Our pens are fully guaranteed. The Parkette simply says it's a Parkette pen on the barrel, so knowing the Parkette is a Parker pen is how to identify that particular fountain pen model from Parker. Beautiful pen in as new condition. Scarce Beautiful French Parker 75 Clutch Pencil in Laque Thuya and gold fill. Never filled.

For very heavy Europe; also Duofolds, Vacumatics, Parker on plastic pens. CF = Capillary filler EC-1>4 = Engraved cap. Signs of everyday usage on nib or body. Vintage yellow Duofolds are extremely collectible, but a blue model named for the Zaner Blouser calligraphy school is one of the most rare Parkers ever made. No marks, spots or brassing. rare and beautiful lustrous gunmetal finish, gold plated trim, "UE" date code, no indication of country of origin (presumably USA), two-way nib with feed marked "X/M"; as new, no packaging. or essential parts missing. DATE: 1986 • CONDITION: mint • NIB: medium • $600. stainless steel cap and barrel, gold plated clip and end jewels, 13.5 cm long; uses cartridge or converter (included), made in England, not sold in the USA. and other markings In  MINT condition in original box. Beautiful Rare French Parker 75 Custom Laque Blue with gold filled cap. This is a standard for shortening the description of pens, A not functional parts pen. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 10K or 416 Lowest allowed gold content in USA Hallmarks

Fitted with the original 14kt gold medium tipped nib, US Parker 75 Insignia Gold fill with Horizontal and Straight lines. The automated Parker pen identification System (sort of) ... Tony Fischier, and is dedicated to the collectors of the wonderful pens that The Parker Pen Company have been making for over a century. Unusual Date code of YC S. French Parker 75 Ballpoint in Silver fill Fine Barley pattern with gold filled trim. cap rings or body rings. Cap, bodyrings or lever missing or loose. In 1986 Parker patented a process, developed together with Jamers Snyder of the University of Wisconsin, for depositing microlayers of gold and titanium nitride to create the glow of gold but the durability of chromium. GFT = Gold filled trim 13522: Parker 180: Plus, knowing a fountain pen is a Parker helps you to replace parts for the pen. be filled. Check for an "H" in a rectangle that's stamped on the pen, in much older pens that are overlayed in gold. MHR = Red and black mottled hard rubber Severe cracks many imprints have been worn off with use. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Usual slight shrinkage and clutch marks on section. Never filled. 1991 - IIIU IIU IU U Parker Pen Identification - posted in Parker: I have no idea. early production with Chinese characters in red, 1st quarter date code on cap band, original hang tag, but no box. Common Parker markings: In Absolute MINT Condition. If the fountain pen has a pen clip, and it is in any way designed as if it is an arrow, almost certainly it is a Parker fountain pen. Small lip short-lived and scarce high-end 75 derivative, 13.5 cm long, gold plated, made in France, 14K French-hallmarked nib, matching rollerball comes with adaptor to use ballpoint refills; a few light marks on the back of the fountain pen's cap, flake of plating loss on bottom end of rollerball, otherwise near mint. Made in USA, takes standard Parker refills; as new, with original leatherette case but no other packaging. rare German-made limited edition cartridge/converter filler (slender metal-bodied squeeze-filler converter included), 14.3 cm long, gold plated trim, cap and barrel in briar, section band bears number 904. SF = Silver filagree Flat, broad edged points generally put to paper at a 45 degree angle 14k, Also EB-3 = Engraved body/barrel. Parker 75 Rollerball in Black Laque with gold filled trim. VM = Vermeille. 12630: Parker 85 Florence set: SPT = Silver plated trim In Good condition but with some wear on the barrel but with no damge or dents. In Absolute MINT unused condition. RRHR = Red-ripple hard rubber, 585 14023: Parker 180 Retirement Pen: Abbreviation codes. Complete with Coloured Cabochon set in cap top. or essential parts missing. SGF = Solid gold filagree Crisp colour. In fact, as a group, the vintage Parker Duofold fountain pens from the 1920s are extraordinarily beautiful writing instruments. Cap is not made to post on the barrel end. 87 Fine Oblique right hand 18k

DATE: c. 1953 • CONDITION: VG-fine* • NIB: extra-fine • $485. In Absolute MINT unused condition. Loose Ditto.

in stores. The Parker Pen company has been making fountain pens since 1889. DATE: 1947 • CONDITION: fine* • NIB: medium • $120. Go to ParkerPen.net and click "Penography" for an exhaustive list and pictures of Parker fountain pens. DATE: c. 1965 • CONDITION: exc-near mint • $65. general all-around use 14k, 67 Broad-A heavier, rounded point for wide lines 14k, 68 Extra Broad-A large rounded point. cap rings or body rings. Light brassing ED = Eyedropper filled Gold plating is usually a thinner layer than the above. This is compatible with the ballpoint pens in the Sheaffer Taranis, Sagaris and Stylus Collection ranges, as well as many other manufacturers ballpoint pens eg. - Abbreviations Specializing in new old stock from Sheaffer and Parker, we scour the globe looking for great deals for our customers. And I hear Queen playing in the distance... You must log in or register to reply here. In the second quarter of 1938 this system was however changed to save DATE: c. 1974 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: medium • $275.

... Sheaffer Model Identification. 1996 - IIIY IIY IY Y DATE: c. 1978 • CONDITION: exc-near mint • $105. grey USA-made capillary-filler, 13.5 cm long, frosty Lustraloy cap; red-colored pad, unstained, in end of uninked capillary filling unit (pen cannot be returned if inked). 95 Broad Italic 14k Ballpoint shows some  signs of use . 8K or 333 Lowest allowed gold content in Germany, Common Parker markings: Shallow dent to undernib shield, sealed hairline in shell at base of nib opening (see details), fully functional and otherwise excellent. Severe BI Broad Calligraphic, 24K or 1000 (parts of 1000) We love vintage Parkers around here. Usually less than 10-20 micrometer thick. 1997 - IIIP IIP IP P BCHR = Black, chased hard rubber Hence a "47" marking on a 1930's pen indicate that the pen was produced in the fourth quarter of 1937, not 1947, which is a common misconception. 82 Complete with Coloured Cabochon set in cap top. Brassing, discolouration. French Parker 75 Laque SET in Scarce Jasper Red Quartz with gold filled trim. Brassing, discolouration. 14548: Parker 61 Classic: No brassing, virtually a Mint pen, but with small signs George Parker patented his first pen in 1889 when he was still teaching telegraphy students how to transcribe Morse code. Light cap or blind-cap misfit. Parker and Faber-Castell.


NF = Never filled. 93 Medium Oblique left hand 18k surface scratches or dull finish. The Parker Pen company has been making fountain pens since 1889. No marks or spots whatsoever. PVD aka Dimonite G aka Fileté: down leaving none for the fourth quarter. A used pen in average condition. Nib and body well used. 1982 - AE AC AL AI

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