The priest jerked as if struck.

The Drenai saga is a series of Heroic Fantasy novels by David Gemmell. Several functions may not work. Ballista Elephants and Scorpions fire two projectiles Don’t read too much into it.’, ‘And a horse is worth more than a man in today’s market?’, ‘So if I had been tied to the tree, you would have rescued me?’, ‘And we would both have been dead. And rare. In Vagria I am merely the Axeman. I have a mind to set an example today.

Dakeyras, also known as Waylander and as the Grey Man, was an infamous Drenai assassin whose actions became central events during several moments in world history.

Waylander's crossbow was his signature weapon.

Dakeyras, more commonly known as Waylander. ‘An interesting weapon,’ observed Dardalion. Those were sacred garments.’, ‘They were merely blue cotton. fires three arrows for the cost of one (or zero if you have a chance not to consume ammo), they need to be reloaded after every shot when in a player's hands. It has the same effect as a shotgun, dialed up to 11. Xigbar wields twin crossbows that fire arrows of energy. ‘An interesting weapon,’ observed Dardalion. What purpose would it serve to explain to a warrior the harmony of a life spent building the strength of the spirit? The harvest of death was ripening.

‘We will not hide,’ said the priest defiantly.


‘Yes, made for me in Ventria.

‘Thank you, Waylander. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Now I am an eagle and I fly in a different universe.’. He picked up his crossbow and checked the mechanism for dirt before clipping it to his broad black belt.

The first published novel in the series (and Gemmell's first published work) is Legend (1984); in chronological order, the first novel is Waylander (1986). We use cookies on this site. According to reliefs from 12th and early 13th centuries, Khmer people were known to employ double crossbows as their weapons. Initially intending to leave the priest to his fate, Waylander changed his mind - a pivotal decision in his life - and freed Dardalion instead. And for the sake of his sanity the man must change perceptions. ‘I don’t know, priest, you tell me. In the same game Lianshi has a normal crossbow as her signature weapon. Expertly the warrior smoothed the strips of skin back into place. Automatic Crossbows: Waylander has a double-shot crossbow small enough to fire with one hand. Protect the weak against the evil strong. . Why do the wicked reap such rich rewards?

In Decado, the Ice Killer. The man’s eyes were narrowed in concentration, but the priest noted that they were extraordinarily dark, deep sable-brown with flashing gold flecks.

And then the man realises . 40 seconds ‘I will die if you leave me here,’ he said, at last.

He sat up, wincing as the stitches in his chest pulled tight. Many works of fiction are set in a time period when firearms are not available, and crossbows are the nearest equivalent. Druss then grabs him by the throat and threatens to break his neck if the spell isn't removed. From the the first novel, Waylander talks about whenever he remembers his son, he sees, Also, parallel universes are a big plotpoint in. Do you not fear death?’. Then the wolves came.

Also, the wings clip back when it is not in use. The five men spun round. This style of crossbow was popular in Northern England and Southern Scotland around 1600 and was reputedly used by Border Reivers as a self defence weapon. There is more to living than sating bodily appetites.’, ‘Of that I am sure. In either order the concluding novel of the series is The Swords of Night and Day (2004). It is just that were I to be with you, it would put you in danger.’, ‘That’s very thoughtful of you,’ answered the man.

Following a meal of cold meat – which Dardalion refused – and some dried apples, Waylander looked to his weapons. ‘And I am Waylander,’ he said. Adam Hart-Davies, eccentric presenter of the 2000 British history reconstruction show, This crossbow was one of the weapons improved upon on the Military Channel show, Historic repeating crossbows all had the same problem, they lacked the range and penetrating power of their slower firing brethren.

You dung-eating lumps of offal! Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field.

None. Why does strength and speed count for more than morality and kindness?

Never back away from an enemy. There are several ways this might be accomplished.

Gold He stood on the walls of Dros Delnoch and defied me with his pitiful force, and I loved him for it. The official light gun attachment for the Nintendo Wii, known as the Wii Zapper, comes packaged with. Yes now that you mentioned it I recognize the connection between the Drenai series and your user name (although he is spelled "Tenaka" in the German translation). The stranger dropped the small double crossbow and lightly leapt back. To the Nadir I am Deathwalker. It can be very useful; it looses two bolts and is deadly up to twenty feet.’, ‘Then you need to be close to your victim.’, Waylander’s sombre eyes locked on to Dardalion’s gaze. View our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. He closed his eyes and calmed his mind, then he looked up and smiled.

By clicking Subscribe Now, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Hachette Book Group’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Also in the bandit camp (tied to a tree) was a Source priest named Dardalion, prisoner of the bandits. The second shot often takes people by surprise, which is handy because he's a mediocre swordsman.

‘Wait!’ called the priest. It's an iconic weapon in a series of books written by David Gemmell. ‘I cannot wear these clothes.’, ‘There are no lice, and I have scraped away most of the blood.’, ‘They carry memories, Waylander . Double Crossbow is a technology in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas that is unique to the Khmer and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. ‘It would seem to be the highest courage to die for one’s beliefs,’ said Dardalion. The books in order that should be read before reading this one are: Legend, The King Beyond the Gates, and Quest for Lost Heroes. Druss the Legend is a great character, with another great weapon.

He walked to his horse, tightened the saddle cinch and climbed into the saddle, sweeping out his cloak behind him. This practice was borrowed from China, who installed those weapons at the siege and defense of fortresses. It is not enough to say I will not be evil. "Ethnic Groups of Cambodia Vol 1: Introduction and Overview" (p. 169). Dardalion had last ridden a horse five years before when he left his father’s cliff-top villa for the five-mile ride to the temple at Sardia. The most realistic options use various types of hand-powered mechanical device to produce repeating bows that are similar to Real Life historical examples but dialed up to eleven.

For several moments he stared at the priest, then he cursed softly and cut him free. However, a body recovered from the site of a Roman siege in south-western Britain showed that a bolt-head typical of a Roman repeating crossbow had enough force to go right through a human body from the front and lodge in the luckless target's spine, with the point penetrating out of his back.

A black bolt tore into the chest of the nearest man, a second entered the belly of a burly warrior with upraised sword.

Without a backward glance he strode to the horses. she dies believing that she just killed her father's murderer. The half-sized double crossbow he dismantled and cleaned.

Civilization Imperial Age [H]e was a mighty man. And now I must go. . Waylander rolled to his back and opened his eyes, staring out beyond the stars.

Waylander, Waylander II and Hero in the Shadows by David Gemmell Waylander is an assassin; he is well versed in a variety of weaponry and exceptional at stealth.

I have been long without company and I yearned for it.’. With the horses tethered Waylander set a small fire by a ring of boulders and spread his blanket beside it.

this is how Waylander eventually gets killed — with his own crossbow, no less. The cloak could be easily moved aside (or even discarded completely), allowing his first bolts to be a complete surprise...and considering his accuracy, this could easily mean two targets despatched in the first seconds of combat.

‘In that case, farewell.’, ‘Wait!’ said the priest, forcing himself to his feet.

The next shot is readied by pulling a lever.

‘What about the danger?’ he asked. Availability

Consumed by rage and a need for vengeance, Dakeyras tracked the bandit gang's members for the next twenty years, hunting them down and killing them one by one. Age

Definitive ‘I need a fire,’ he said.

The question was so casually put that the priest found himself momentarily unable to phrase an answer.

"I am Druss. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Schliesinger, Joachim. For more on our cookies and changing your settings.

Now he wept like a child, yet there was nothing to torment him. I'll leave the fine detail to any would be modder for this project. Weakness flowed through him and he slumped to the ground . So the obvious solution to this dilemma is to give crossbows the ability to shoot an entire magazine of ammunition without having to reload.

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