He later learned English himself and involved himself more in group activities. With little time to process this information, Jin returned to his wife just as she was about to leave him and the two boarded their flight. Namhae, South Korea Scared, Jin now said he'd lied: Aaron was at the temple, and Claire needed him to get in. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Hearts and Minds") ("Exodus, Part 2"), During the first week, Michael found and wore the watch Jin was transporting for Mr. Paik. ("D.O.C. ("One of Us")  ("D.O.C.") Sun tended to the injured mother and helped lead the Losties to the caves for protection against the mysterious "Others". ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Hearing Others were coming to the camp, Sun joined those going to the radio tower while Jin stayed behind to ambush the attackers. She also revealed Jin was infertile but claimed she'd never cheated on him, convincing Jin the pregnancy was a miracle. She briefly believed Jin captured or killed but received news from Hurley that he was alive. Sun ran from him, fell ill and vomited, then asked Sawyer for a pregnancy test. 92 episodes, 3 mobisodes In addition to those phrases he has also learned a lot to please Sun. Jin dealt a spinning hook kick to Mikhail, which disabled him long enough for Jin to employ a sleeper hold. She began an awkward friendship with Kate who discovered she spoke English. ("Exposé")  ("Left Behind"), When Juliet tried to integrate into the beach camp, Sun refused to trust her.

Jin demanded a gun to protect his wife, but Jack refused. When Jin arrived on the Island, he had no knowledge of the English language, which left him alienated from the rest of the survivors.

Jin returned to the Island, time traveling to 1974, where he joined the DHARMA Initiative as a security officer for three years. The couple watched Aaron the next day so Claire and Charlie could picnic, and when Claire decided to catch seagulls instead for a rescue attempt, they used nets and helped cut fish, Sun joking that this was her mother's greatest fear. Jin assumed they were the island natives known as the Others, and when he managed to free himself and he found Sawyer and Michael coming ashore, he ran to them yelling "Others".

Working for the DHARMA Initiative, he spent three years among English speakers and can now speak the language fluently. Jin gave him a cleaned fish that afternoon. Widmore claimed that if the Man in Black escaped the island, everyone would die. Shortly after, Jin did give her a ring - Sun's father had given them permission to marry, so long as he first worked six months for him. ("The Shape of Things to Come")  ("Something Nice Back Home"), Sun and Jin boarded the first ferry to the freighter, where Michael's presence surprised them. ("D.O.C.")

Sun was born on March 20, 1980 into the powerful Paik family; natives of Seoul. It was their last gesture of love. Hurley though, soon saved the three by driving the DHARMA van into camp, running over Pryce and scattering Tom and Jason. Not knowing English, she couldn't help, and the officials confiscated the money. ("...And Found")  ("House of the Rising Sun"), After he became engaged to Sun, Jin began working for her father at Paik Automotive. Jae suggested they flee together, but Mr. Paik discovered the affair, catching the two in bed together. Jin, along with Sun, Charlotte and Daniel, later traveled to the Staff station to collect medical supplies for Jack. The group listened to Juliet's recorded message to Ben, and though Jin didn't understand it, he realized Juliet spoke of Sun.

Jin and Sun discussed Daniel's obvious attraction to Charlotte, and Jin noticed Charlotte understood their Korean. He gave Locke his wedding ring to present as proof that Jin truly died. Sun attended Seoul National University where she studied Art History. Actor Shared Centric

Then they heard gunshots from the boat, and the men ran to the boat and exchanged fire with the Others. Sun explained the issue to Michael, revealing she knew English. "Locke" claimed he was working on finding Sun, but when he left camp, Jin packed to find her himself. Jacob vs. Man in Black central episode? He said he has Sun, and sometimes Sawyer, as a teacher. They reached the ruined statue where she jokingly asked Richard for alcohol.

Michael also continued asking her advice about Walt. ("The Brig")  ("The Man Behind the Curtain")  ("Greatest Hits"), The group left camp for the radio tower, but Jin, Sayid, and Bernard stayed behind to detonate the dynamite they'd planted. Reason in Australia Ana Lucia panicked and made Sayid, who was with Shannon, a prisoner. Jin-Sun Kwon ("Sun" instead of "Soo") is a character in the video game, Two Jin-centric episodes have ellipses in front of them, ". ("The Lie")  ("This Place Is Death")  ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), Jin survived the explosion and his unconscious body, within the source's radius, floated on a wreckage and traveled through time over several days. burnitdown131. They helped reconstruct the Hatch's ping pong table, and Sun suggested Sawyer must give up nicknames for a week if he lost a tournament. The two then boarded Oceanic Flight 815. A submarine they boarded sank, and she and Jin drowned together. Jack said it would turn up, Hurley suggested Vincent might have eaten it and Locke, who caught a distraught Sun destroying her garden, suggested she stop looking.

Jin awoke and took Ben's bleeding body to the Barracks.

He returned to 2007, where he reunited with Sun. Death Reason Before the crash, Sun and Jin's marriage suffered because Jin oppressed her and they couldn't conceive. The two men waited at the Pala Ferry to ambush the Others while Sun remained aboard. His role soon changed though. ("Born to Run")  ("Exodus, Part 1")  ("Exodus, Part 2"), When Claire found the raft's bottle of messages Sun feared the worst for those on the raft and buried the bottle in desperation. Ben slipped away into the jungle to return to the main Island, and Sun knocked him out with an oar to stop him. ("The Little Prince")  ("This Place Is Death"), This jump reunited him with Sawyer, Locke, and the rest of their group, and he continued with them to the Orchid. Sun was the fifth character to ever have a flashback and the fifth to have a flash-forward. They first postponed their honeymoon for Jin's training; he gave her a white flower in its place. Jin asked, and Eko nodded. Keamy then showed up, and Jin hid in the bathroom.

("Greatest Hits")  ("Through the Looking Glass"), After Jack called the freighter, Sun celebrated, delighted she'd have her baby in a hospital. She also sought revenge for Jin's death, but then flew back to the Island upon learning he was still alive. She later witnessed Locke murder Naomi and Jack calling the freighter for rescue. He never revealed Jin's mother's identity to him, falsely telling him she died. ("The Package")  ("The Last Recruit")  ("The Candidate") ("The End"). The Man in Black then arrived, and Claire identified him as her "friend". Finding a spot in the jungle, Sun removed her shirt and cleaned up, but was interrupted by a startled Michael who apologized and left.

He and Sun later boarded a freighter, but though Sun escaped, a disaster aboard convinced her he died.

Sawyer did lose and had to keep his promise. ("Ji Yeon"), A day later, Jin and Sun responded to Bernard's calls when a dead body washed ashore. Sun first saw Jin-Soo Kwon when he was a hotel doorman, but they met when they accidentally ran into each other. 33 (at time of death) ("The Whole Truth"), Sun also started an affair with Jae Lee, who'd been teaching her English so she could flee to America.

Yunjin Kim Later, Sun had a moment in her bikini on the beach. Jin then shot the translator, and a bullet hit Sun, who revealed she was pregnant. Sun is one of the Korean names for the facets of the I Ching, which is the basis for the, When Sun was married, if she followed an old tradition of Korean women, her title would be. They caught up with him, and a trap snagged his leg. Kwon - Mother-In-LawSoo - AuntJin-Soo Kwon - HusbandJi Yeon Kwon - DaughterBpo Bpo - Pet.

Sun followed and tearfully asked if they could start over. He made Jin his personal assistant, which meant entering a world of organized crime. In ". He again brought a Rolex to Los Angeles as a business gift, but he also brought $25,000 — payment to a hit man whom Mr. Paik had hired to kill Jin for being with his daughter. They later saw the Others go by in almost unearthly silence. He worked hard as a kitchen helper until he became a waiter. They gathered food before leaving, and Jin again showed off his fishing skill. He remained there during the Incident and the time flash that brought them to 2007. The couple managed to board an offshore freighter, but only Sun seemed to escape its explosion. Shared Centric Being brought up as the son of a fisherman, he is able to successfully catch many fish near the beach in shallow waters. As the raft set sail, Sun cried on the beach. ("...In Translation"), After delivering one of the watches in Australia, Jin prepared to board Oceanic Flight 815 and conduct his final job in L.A. Before Jin left, she made him a book of English phrases, and they tearfully reconciled.


Their captors shot the sand, convincing Jack over the walkie talkie that they'd killed the prisoners.

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