Meditation stools ️ Increase your star rating to become a successful 5-star restaurant  Sims can use the new vanity table to change their appearance StrangerVille While the Seasons pack doesn’t add a new world to the base game, the way it integrates into all the existing locations is groundbreaking, enhancing every aspect of your time with the game. Children can go bowling Get To Work Romantic Garden Stuff

Some other notable features are the pier ladders, building sandcastles, the sea life - which includes dolphins and sharks - the ability to float int he open water, suntanning and burning, volcanic eruptions, elemental spirits and  Kava parties. Recommended Packs Based on Gameplay Interests. Spooky Stuff run your own clinic.

Parenthood Sims can try to catch popcorn in their mouths while eating it The answer to that question will depend greatly on what sort baking skill, new collectables, an illness system and the ability for your Sim

‍♀️ Children of Spellcasters are born with magical bloodline traits that will help them with magic in the future.

While the specificity of university might not appeal to all players, the roommate system is a really useful addition. Laundry Day Stuff, Athletics Ghosts can wish to be brought back to life Ability to help take care of the islands to restore their natural beauty and unlock new events around the island, like turtle hatchings New murphy bed in two variations; one with a fold-up loveseat attached and one without. ️ Locate and identify new plants to use in a variety of herbalism recipes Movie Hangout Stuff Children can do laundry. The Pinnacles and Starlight Boulevard, along with the hidden Plumbob Pictures ‍♀️ Spellcasters can be created in CAS. In the downtown area, you mostly will be doing fancy activities like drinking cocktails at a rooftop bar.

The eco footprint can be disabled in the settings. Nifty Knitting Stuff, Supernatural Gameplay  Realm of Magic (spellcasters, a.k.a: witches) Vampires can drink plasma from Sims, either with or without the Sim’s permission ☔️ A four-season calendar with the ability to make seasons longer if desired Which of these beings would your Sim befriend? Ability to learn new multicultural cooking recipes Discover University Eco Lifestyle Also, after you get used to the game and explore it more, definitely check modthesims website and Custom Content on TheSimsResource. Spooky Stuff (Roman Gladiator), Multicultural The variety of things is quite a few.

My First Pet Stuff Outdoor Retreat This feature allows you to be apart or form a niche club. ‍‍‍ School projects Ice cream can have a variety of garnishes and toppings added to it Purchase adventure gear and souvenirs from market tables You will need to maintain the blood bar up which might change on how you play.  New Hired Service: Butler, * Cats & Dogs is required to have the butler take care of pets That will leave you with some really beautiful builds.

Seasons Three tiers of tiny home; micro (32 tiles), tiny (64 tiles), and small (100 tiles) Movie Hangout Stuff

The pack also features new collectables and new skills for pet-loving Sims.

Tripod will produce better quality photos and open up advanced camera options, even with a cheap camera or low Photography skill If you've been playing Sims 4 for quite a while, and have been looking to give … Raccoons are classed as a breed of cat in CAS You want to be the most respected and the most popular club. ☣️ Laptops At parties, you have DJ and new around dancing moves.If this the right type of DLC for you, then you can find here at Amazon. Beach activities, such as sunbathing, combing for seashells, and building sand sculptures  New Gameplay Object: Ice Cream Maker, Perfect Patio Stuff

My First Pet Stuff Children can study rodents as part of their homework Get Famous The biggest change to gameplay is the addition of apartments. New Skill: Knitting Spa Day Plus it comes with aliens which is cool.

Off". Careers such as Social Media, Critic and Politician are implemented in this DLC which makes it totally aligned with the city life. Jungle Adventure

9.90 / 10.

Seasons Eco Lifestyle That brings us to the fantastic customization features in Create A Pet.  New Lot Types: Karaoke Bar, Arts Centre, City Park (special) Bowling Night Stuff ☣️ One new full-size world with an Old Western desert theme

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