And, expectedly, the resale prices on a lot of the shoes have significantly jumped. Moral of the story: Everything that’s 10 or more years old isn’t a classic.

It became a process, and he wore them over time.

The big brands not only infiltrated skateboarding, they took over. They’re not a grail, though. Word is the buyer is a reality TV star. You see them being posted on Instagram. You can grab Brian Anderson Dunk Highs for $250. Yes, but they lack historical importance. But there’s also objectivity in the sneaker world. Let them know what’s worth their time and money and what’s not. A 1993 Mustang is ugly.

The sneakers they cosign from a past era is a litmus test. Those are universal grails.

The resale culture that grew up in the early 2000s—in part around the initial Nike Dunk SB frenzy—has matured, and increasing numbers of early Dunk SBs have been coming out of the woodwork as people who’ve been sitting on them realize what they’re worth now.

For me, it’s the “Crimson” Nike SB Dunk Low, a sneaker from 2006 that nobody cares about (although, they’re reselling for upwards of $500 these days), because they were the first SBs I owned. You think that "Loden" Dunks were good and the "Mafia Pack" was bad? Younger people want the older Nike SB models. The only shoe out of that bunch that anyone cared about when they first came out was the “Lobster” pair, but the problem is that it released after the heyday of Nike SB. “I’ve got to give it up to Nike and give them much love always because they helped Diamond blow up, because basically that catapulted Diamond in to a whole other world,” Nick Diamond says.

It’s a wrong take.

It’s caused a lot of copycat behavior. People wanted it to be a second coming of the "Heineken" Dunk from 2005.

“It’s an interesting time, because you look back to the early 2000s, when I say we had to earn it, Nike never really was a player [in skateboarding],” Arizumi says. Of course they did. A conversation started the other week when rapper, sneaker collector, and internet provocateur Wale claimed he brought Nike SB back, which fostered a lot of discussion. Because we’ve known for a while now that we had to write something on Nike SB, which seemed to be experiencing something of a resurgence ever since the lunacy of the ComplexCon Diamond Dunk drops—or attempted drops, anyway—back in November. The proverbial dog caught the proverbial car.

The "3 Bears" collection as a whole was viewed as corny among SB enthusiasts, skate shop owners, and people on NikeTalk. How could he hate on these shoes? Which all isn’t to say they still don’t want to make a splash.

“We went from creating energy, giving it to celebs, and now, all of a sudden, the influencers are the bottom of the barrel who are about Dunks, too.”. Call the "Dr. Feel Good" Dunks a "grail" and not know about "Flashes"?

Designed to handle the rigorous activity of skateboarding, the Dunk SB Low has become the canvas for some of the most … But that’s sneakerhead stuff. It’s a weird era to be in. Founded as something of a disruptive DIY sub-label backed by the biggest footwear brand in the world and led by the late Sandy Bodecker, Nike SB did what it was supposed to and more. Kids—and even not kids—skating today don’t remember a world without Nike SB.

So, with that, I feel like we owe them and the next generation a service to sharpen it up and come with a distinct point of view and support the community of skateboarding, but also tell new stories and rebirth the brand.”, The buzz around Nike SB has been strong with its models from the past, and it’s starting to spread from a few key influencers to regular sneaker people on Instagram. “I love Wale. When they were kids, they knew about all those shoes. There’s a been a lot of debate and conversation about the Nike SB Dunks as of late.

And while there aren’t lines at Supreme every time a new Dunk drops, that’s in part because there are lines at Supreme every day.

That secondary market was there the first time, but it was a lot smaller—limited to places like NikeTalk and the Sole Collector forums, Ebay, and the earliest iteration of Flight Club. Newer collectors were up in arms that I said this. Now what?

“There’s definitely been a focus on our end to rejuvenate that part of the business.” But, at the same time, they recognize there’s more to it than that. For everyone else, Nike SB has been there all along. It’s not wrong.

© 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For those of us old enough to remember going to skate shops to buy Dunks back in the early 2000s, the events of recent months—the aforementioned Diamond drops, the continuation of the Concepts lobster series, and the third iteration of Jeff Staple’s “Pigeon” Dunk—certainly seems like one.

And so are some older sneakers, especially when it comes to Nike SB Dunks.

Everyone is in a race to show how down they are in the sneaker scene—to show that they were there back in the day. The splash hasn’t been limited to new drops. The line, which launched in 2002 as a skateboarding offshoot of Nike, has seen a renewed interest and resurgence thanks to artists like Travis Scott (who received his own SB collaboration this year) wearing them.

We’re talking about history here. But as we move forward, the plan is not to revisit—we want to find new creative partners and make wild stories that people talk about.”.

The Nike SB era was great.

For all of us that were there back in the day, it’s our job to educate folks in a non-condescending way. The "Newcastle" Dunk was a tired idea.

It doesn’t work that way. Now you see sneaker guys trying to post it, because they’re late on it,” says Ljustina.

It wasn’t. Look, we’re not here to be the sneaker police. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices.

A lot of people have jumped on the wave, from Offset to Kylie Jenner. There were other nerds coming in that didn’t skate that were fiending over this stuff.”. Nice Kicks posted a picture of six Nike SB Dunks, “an in-house troll in response to the Dunk Mid.”.

The hyped-up releases might not even register on the radar of those who feel like they don’t have a chance of getting them anyway, at least not until they start turning up at Round Two. It started the obsession for a lot of people and most certainly is responsible for the integration of modern streetwear into sneaker culture.

They came in and started asking for a couple different Dunks,” he says.

Wale sat down on the ramp with me and was praising the ramp.

There are supposedly only 2 500 pairs of the qs version of the nike dunk low sb entourage in existence. A pair of the Stussy x Nike SB Dunks from 2005 sold for $10,000 on StockX. Grails are sneakers that people have spent their whole lives tracking down. Kids are paying $600 for the Mosquito Dunks, a shoe that hardly any SB collector will remember—not because it was rare but because it made no splash. @matthewjwelty. Last Tuesday, Nice Kicks posted a picture of six Nike SB Dunks.

“I don’t want us ever to be predictable—that’s really the bottom line,” he says. Why we exist in skateboarding is to support skate shops. Word is the buyer is a reality TV star. Nike SB will turn 20 in 2022, just three short years from now.

According to Arizumi, the Janoski, which he originally designed in 2009 and met with a ton of resistance internally, has become the best-selling Nike signature shoe of all time. This second generation of collabs was a way of returning the favor. Associate Editor of Complex Sneakers. People should like whatever they like. Which, of course, is not to say that Nike SB didn’t intend these past few releases to make a splash. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Kids—and even not kids—skating today don’t remember a … He was one of the first wearing them, because he was around back in the day, but there’s more bits and pieces that created the energy that’s going on now,” says Andre Ljustina, who owns Project Blitz, a secondary-market shop for sneakers, and is a prolific Nike SB collector. “If I had to send out a three-statement directive, it would be to be the best in skateboarding, have the most fun, and never be predictable.

Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Ljustina says that moment, which was created organically, helped Diamond Supply Co. get its three Nike SB collaborations and reboot of the Tiffany Dunk in 2018. A pair of the Stussy x Nike SB Dunks from 2005 sold for $10,000 on StockX. Thank you to my son hagen for letting me review his shoes. Want to feel old? © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Just as a whole, I would really like us to represent up-and-coming talent and youth in skateboarding. Like its high top counterpart, the Nike Dunk SB Low are a thing of sneaker legend. “And now kids don’t know any different—Nike was part of their skate upbringing.

Not everyone sees it that way. A deadstock pair of Air Jordan 1s from 1985. Those days are clearly still here, at least for some drops.

They’re Nike, after all.

It all started, he says, with Scott’s DJ, Chase B, and his love for Nike SB.

The same thing can happen with sneakers. He left for a while to be the global footwear design director for both Nike Golf (that grassy Air Max 1 is one of his) and Nike Tennis before recently returning to SB as creative director. But it’s also something that needs to be shared with you, the reader.

Everything’s changed. The Dunk SB, introduced back in 2002, has now been around as long as the Dunk itself had been when Nike SB was first launched. There’s a lot coming to tie things to—both Arizumi and Dukeminier mention the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where skateboarding will make its debut, as a huge event for both Nike SB and skateboarding in general, although neither share any specifics. That’s not to say that no one liked the line anymore, but it was a far cry from its days of Silver, Pink, and even some Black box eras. On the left, was a column labeled “old grails” and on the right was another column distinguished as “new hype.” The problem is, though, that none of the sneakers on the left were grails. You can’t run a big sneaker blog, post a pair of sneakers that no one cared about until three months ago, and call them grails. This is where the whole “resurgence” thing gets tricky. But more so than that, Arizumi wants to bring SB back to its roots, at least conceptually. The Hello Kitty x Nike Air Prestos.

Some sneakers hold personal significance to the wearer. The group consisted of the “3 Bears” Dunk Low from 2006, the “Newcastle” Dunk Low from 2008, and the Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low “Lobster” from 2008. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites.

We created this ramp and put all the OG sneakers in it. Just because an SB Dunk is over 10 years old doesn’t mean it should be remembered. But buyer beware: Not every old Nike SB sneaker is good or worth the money.

Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. “This is bringing back a little bit of history.

The resale market doesn’t enter into Nike SB’s plans, but it’s a part of the world they’re in now. It’s rewriting history and giving the younger collectors a warped perception of what was going on back then.

It was a matter of bringing things full circle, with SB working with brands it originally helped put on back in the early 2000s.

That’s really my hopes for everything.

Sneaker historian and former Complex writer Russ Bengtson said the shoes’ designer told him that the whole pack was “an in-house troll in response to the Dunk Mid.” Furry shoes weren't cool then and aren’t cool now. (If this is getting too meta, apologies.)

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