However, Uryū declines her offer. Plus Uryuu helps the shinigami's now and the vandenreich aren't good people. Uryū's missing hand in the manga and injured arm in the anime, as a result of his fight with Ulquiorra Cifer.

In school, Uryū wears the respective school uniform along with a tie. When Ran'Tao's Reiatsu starts to go berserk, Uryū sacrifices his weapon to save her, leaving them at Kariya's mercy. Inaba then explains the secret behind Uryū's abilities, to which Uryū comments upon his deductive reasoning, comparing his attire to that of a despicable scientist. [163], As Inaba hits the ground, unmoving, Uryū explains that all he needed to do was to increase the speed of his Hirenkyaku. [192], As Tsukishima and Kūgo are about to leave, the Shinigami arrive and use a Reishi-enhanced katana to restore Ichigo's Shinigami powers. They talk about Ichigo, having felt strange energy around him.

[131] He reveals that during their time at Soul Society, he planted bacteria upon Uryū's person to monitor his action, much to Uryū's chagrin. The two then start bickering with each other. Ichigo begins to attack Kūgo with a Getsuga Tenshō.

Uryū notices Ichigo's Zanpakutō beginning to lose its form. An enraged Ichigo tells him to shut up and activates his Bankai. [68] In this form, his standard uniform completely changes. Orihime refuses, so Uryū forces Aramaki to get her out of harm's way. [144] However, Yammy is not yet dead, and is barely hanging on to the crumbling floor. Uryū caught in Kuzu's Mugen Kairō attack. He watches as Sado is taken as well when Kurōdo impersonates Orihime. [98] Uryū soon slips away from Orihime and the others, moving towards the area where Ichigo and Byakuya Kuchiki are fighting Kariya. Ichigo shouts at Uryū that there was no need to do this and all they needed to do was destroy Yhwach, but Uryū replies that there is no way to defeat him and that this was something only he could do.

Once its sensors pick up an Arrancar's Reiatsu, it detonates violently. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Uryū stares at Nozomi Kujō, wondering why Inaba needs her to further his plans. An arrow forms down the middle of each side of the bow, with a line that crosses it near the center. When Rurichiyo Kasumiōji arrives in the world of the living, she meets Ichigo before her bodyguards Ryūsei Kenzaki and Rusaburō Enkōgawa retrieve her, leaving him to deal with Hollows that start attacking. The way they introduced the Quincies in the beginning of the Thousand Year Blood War made me hopeful about the greater role that Ishida … Uryū activates Sprenger against Szayelaporro. [225] Uryū later senses that Ichigo has confronted Yhwach up in the throne room. He comments that the Reiatsu above the dome (Ulquiorra's) is so vast and dense it does not feel like normal Reiatsu at all, more like an ocean above the sky. As Uryū demands to know what he means, Haschwalth promises to tell him after they finish their battle before declaring that it is time for Uryū to place everything upon his broken scales as he attacks. Ishida Co., Ltd. (株式会社 イシダ, Kabushiki-gaisha Ishida) is a Japanese multinational company which manufactures food packing machinery. Haschwalth states that seeing Uryū's future worries him, and Uryū attempts to keep calm and convince him that nothing is happening, but Haschwalth will not say what he saw in the future. Uryū says he did not have time to ask, and that he thought it was a Zanpakutō until she told him.

She explains that he is the one behind the Bounts' changes in law regarding taking the souls of living Humans, as it grants the Bounts immeasurable power and will upset the balance of the world.

He is very chivalrous, stating that he enacts justice on men who abuse or treat women badly, leading him to attempt to defend Rukia Kuchiki from Renji Abarai when he and Byakuya Kuchiki came to the Human World to arrest her, and protects Orihime Inoue during their time in Soul Society.

Uryū is disappointed at having to use his backup cape so soon. Uryū says that he must prove the strength of the Quincy to the Shinigami. [260] He has mastered the Quincy ability of Reiryoku absorption, taking in spirit particles and spirit energy alike. Uryū listens as Urahara explains about Inaba's research. [239], Anti-Arrancar Mine (破面専用の地雷, Arankaru Senyō no Jirai; lit. 2012 Ishida Indonesia and Ishida Vietnam founded / Launch of iSP-1190, E1-ESL, CCW-RV Series 2013 Ishida's 120th anniversary. Outside, he is confronted by Ririn in her plush form, and grabs her so she can tell him where Yoshino has gone. - He did his best to keep Uryu in the dark about his family's powers for the sake of protecting him, insisting that his son stay away from Souken. The fight culminates in a warehouse nearby, where the Bounts are finally defeated, with the arrival of Ganju Shiba. However, Nemu calls out for him. Uryū uses this to his advantage, hitting her with a point-blank ranged attack just as she's attacking him, killing her in the end.

Uryū notes that Ichigo has not undergone any changes, and Sado states that because Rukia remained in Karakura Town, Ichigo has not had to expend more Reiatsu than necessary. [30] He runs after Uryū, and attacks several Hollows around him. Uryū is utterly surprised to find that their master is a talking cat. At dinner, a very energetic Kon, in Ichigo's body, irritates Uryū, who wishes he had a little less energy. Uryū Ishida is a bespectacled teenager of average height and slender build. [53] Kūkaku reveals that she specializes in fireworks, and that the plan is to launch them into the Seireitei through a spirit cannon. Along with the others, he is led on a wild chase around town to answer phones, before showing up at Orihime's apartment again that night.

Nemu assisting Uryū out of gratitude for sparing her father. When Uryū begins to walk away, Haschwalth asks him to come back so he can transfer Uryū's wounds to himself, shocking Uryū. Uryū states that he cannot accompany them, prompting Ichigo to say that he knew that, but called him anyway to avoid him sulking.[202]. [135] This causes a stir in their classroom, as the students begin asking invasive questions. Uryū, realizing what they are up against, tells Orihime to run for it as he takes on Mayuri.

[258], Spiritual Awareness: As a Quincy, Uryū can sense Hollows at a significant distance. Yoshino finds him in the street, having collapsed in a puddle. He mocks Ichigo for not being able to hide his spiritual pressure, and for his inability to sense others with high spiritual pressure. Unlike his original bow, this bow is shaped like a spider's web. All the extra energy collects on his right shoulder, much like how a quiver is worn. After they argue about how to deal with the Hollows and the Menos, Ururu Tsumugiya, Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Urahara Kisuke arrive to fight the Hollows.

Ichigo tells him that he does not know or care about whether the Shinigami or Quincy were right, and expresses his frustration at Uryū's methods, but is interrupted by him.

[121] Though Pesche continues to annoy Uryū, he proves invaluable in defeating Cirucci with Uryū, who activates his Seele Schneider. Thinking about the differences between the fighting styles of the Quincy and Shinigami, Uryū comes up with an idea to make use of Ichigo's large amount of power. When she is defeated, he holds her dying body as she assures him that she is alright dying in such a fashion. Uryū shoots two arrows at Ichigo, which the Shinigami dodges as he and Uryū clash head-on.

As Orihime talks with them, Uryū realizes how strange it is for them to rescue the pair, as Aramaki's reasoning did make sense. Utagawa is attacked with a fireball, and is forced to drop Uryū to block the attack. He gains a white cloth, covered in several line designs, which covers his lower half. Uryū walks away, commenting that if he hadn't been their enemy, they would have gotten along well. The Hollow is immune to their attacks, but the group is saved by Renji and Rukia, the latter of which freezes Runuganga in a circle of ice. [142] Due to his injuries, Uryū stays behind as Ichigo and Rukia rush to Soul Society to save Rurichiyo and stop Kumoi for good. [105] With his friends, a powerless Uryū leaves Soul Society to return to his life in Karakura Town, leaving Ran'Tao to live out the rest of her life with the last of the Bounts, Gō Koga.[106]. Rukia Kuchiki arrives, having followed her brother's Reiatsu, and fills them in on who Muramasa is. [262] Due to keeping his physical abilities at their peak, Uryū can easily hold out against all but the most resilient opponents during a battle. She informs him that the leader of the Bounts, Jin Kariya, is interested in him for some reason.

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