"It was clear to me that the NFL had come to be a huge symbol of the qualities Americans like to see in themselves – resilience, working through adversity, never giving up," he says. This was one of the those situations that there were a lot of people telling me, ‘I don’t know.’ I get concerned when I hear, ‘I don’t know,’ many times. I think if you do that, you’ll be led to the right decision.”. Author twitter; ... Last month, ACC commish John Swofford told @Stadium if Power 5 schools played conference-only schedules that ACC would assist Notre Dame with as many games as it needed Former Tennessee Titans halfback Eddie George was on the NFLPA's conference call with Upshaw and members of the executive committee, one which left the late union leader convinced that playing that weekend was not an option. With Michael Chiklis, Theresa Saldana, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Geoffrey Nauffts. And then you came back the next week to show resilience and that we were all standing tall in the face of adversity and carrying on.". “I just felt very strong that the right thing to do for our student-athletes and for our fans and for the media and for our families and coaches and administrators was make sure we canceled the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament. Zach Gelb. But cancelling the Big Ten men’s tournament the rest of this week in Indianapolis was only the first step. Then we had a practice in shorts, and every coach and every player came up to me and said, 'Thank you – I did not want to go to Pittsburgh.' Then we all went back in and had another meeting. If it’s in the form of a loan, perhaps we pay some of that loan back through programs,” Ambrosie said.

His email is srichey@news-gazette.com, and you can follow him on Twitter (@srrichey).

He characterized it as a brief conversation — not much more than one minute long — and said they did not discuss the fate and future of the NCAA tournament. While there won’t be an NCAA tournament for the Illini this season — or any other team — Underwood said he understands why the decision was made by Warren. "It started with the players and the executive committee. This was especially true in the New York and D.C. metropolitan areas, and players for the Jets, Giants and Redskins helped add context to the tragedy for their peers in other cities. Jared Serre. My heart sank when I heard the news that NCAA tournament games would be closed to all fans, Ticket refunds available for Big Ten, NCAA tournaments, Winter championships, all spring competition now off. Tagliabue, who retired in 2006 after 17 years as commissioner, had known long before then that his decision to not play after 9/11 had been the proper one. Tony Scali is the Police Commissioner in a small town, where solutions to difficult situations often require considerable creativity. "It was a game that featured two of the oldest, most respected owners in [the Chiefs'] Lamar Hunt and [the Giants'] Wellington Mara, and Gene and I went because of that.

Perhaps the most extreme example occurred at New Orleans Saints headquarters, where volatile offensive lineman Kyle Turley reacted angrily to a temporary relocation plan floated by coach Jim Haslett the day after the attacks. Illinois coach Brad Underwood said in a statement released Thursday night his players are “devastated” about Thursday’s developments. Then the NCAA canceled its men’s and women’s basketball championships and every other remaining winter and spring championship.

', "I stood up on the table and went kind of crazy.

"We had smoldering remains across the river, and unclaimed cars in our parking lot," recalls ex-Giants halfback Tiki Barber. It was the second week of the '01 regular season, and the San Diego Chargers had a scheduled bye that weekend. The Big Ten ultimately followed the path the Ivy League took Tuesday when it canceled its men’s and women’s conference basketball tournaments. I know we all love basketball — women’s and men’s basketball. Canadian Football League commissioner Randy Ambrosie released a statement regarding the ongoing coronavirus situation. Because there was no bye week scheduled between the conference title games and the Super Bowl for the 2001 campaign, the only way to end the season on time would have been to speed up the playoffs, either by staging midweek games in the wild-card round (which was considered) or by shrinking the field to eight teams instead of 12. “It’s really important that we’re thoughtful. For one thing, the league had a history of plowing through tragedy: Games kicked off minutes after the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, and again in 1963 two days after President John F. Kennedy's assassination. … I think we needed to make sure that we went to the highest level to give us a chance to deal with this acute problem.”. The average CFL player salary is around $100,000 and teams operate with a salary cap of just over $5 million. Here's a 3D visualization of the vote. The players were concerned about their safety, and they also wanted to show respect for the victims and acknowledge the severity of the situation. I threw a banana against the wall, and it splattered everywhere. [ Related: The 25 most powerful photos from 9/11 ]. "People referenced commissioner Rozelle's decision to play after President Kennedy was killed. “As you make these decisions, which are not easy, you have to always ask yourself, ‘What is the right thing to do?’” Warren said early Thursday afternoon from Indianapolis before the other precautionary steps were taken. [ Related: Giants' Coughlin coaches son through 9/11 ], "There were security issues. Put it all together and the thing to do was recognize the despicable nature of the attacks and the horrible loss of life. Yet Tagliabue was well aware that his predecessor, Pete Rozelle, had told numerous people that the greatest regret of the legendary commissioner's tenure was not cancelling the games out of respect for Kennedy.

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