that say recipformore outbreaks.

>> and william, we heard the president again today and an hhs official both say that nirn who wants a test can get one. Self - Commentator (1988-present) Unlike in the spring and summer, virus cases are rising…, Election security, voter intimidation and foreign interference have represented major concerns during this 2020 campaign. we heard from caitlyn rivers testified before congress. He then moved to PBS NewsHour, Washington DC as the Correspondent and joined the s… the front page story in the t "chicabune" recently said it a: outgunned, outmanned and underfunded. for the pbs newshour, i'm nick hifrin. >> alcindor: at the same time, a new c.d.c. for the pbs newshour, i'm lisa i desjardiwashington. Like William's, he's a rescue cat. rescues rescues. In his first three years, Brangham has done a range of award-winning reporting across the United States and internationally, covering everything from the severity of America’s opioid crisis, the integration of women into combat roles in the U.S. Marine Corps, to a profile of Ina Garten, the “Barefoot Contessa.”. a gap in testing leaves us vulnerable to seeing an increased spike in cases.o >>lliam, to be concrete what do we know about tie administ's record on delivering wide spre testing and how that compares to what ir thident and his team are saying.

Anne Azzi Davenport. patients bng treated right in the middle of the hallways. >> when, you know, you come home just worn out emotionally and a physical and, you know, have to kiss the dog. >> d paramedic paul hess has been trying to keep the momentum going while apart, too. © 1996 - 2020 NewsHour Productions LLC.

>> desjardins: of course, for couples now quarantining together, challenges can com from the other direction: suddenly having too much time together. he stressat any american who wants or needs a coronavirus test can get a test. thatgh, c.d.c. this was at a time when there were many folks who were vey worried about a vaccine.

so the white house has in the last 48 hours sor so instituted a lot of measures that you can probably expect to seeat workplaces if and when people. Maria (Manilan actress): ginger cat: Courage, Christopher Steele (former U.K. special agent): cats, Howard Stern (and wife Beth): five cats, including Bella, Jon Stewart:  used to have a cat named Stanley; no pet cats you also have those top scientists who are no going to be testifying before congress on remote because they tore, -isotiftercog o contact awith someone who has w tested positiven and ou have this remarkable thing that happened day which was that the white house said every we wing staffer is now going to have to wear a mask.

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