The Resolute was their answer.

All size measurements are taken at low air pressure on a 17.8 mm inner width rim. Grip glorious grip... The quest for ultimate off-road traction continues but these fizikofficial Terra Clima X2 boots and teravail Rutland 47s are certainly proving their worth on the autumnal trails.

Resolute TCS Light 464g on our scales against a claimed 460g. Please upgrade today.

So I will admit I don’t like skin walls, but these gum walls of the Resolute sure do look pretty sharp. The WTB Resolute builds on the success of the popular Horizon and Byway tires with a more aggressive tread pattern. The loss of air was mitigated by a few strokes of a hand pump. We punctured both the central tread (next to the studs, i.e. A handful of brake at 30 mph on the dirt can have dire consequences if tires are not into it. And I was able to outrun most of the Deerfly.

Check our The Test To ensure consistent performance, we recommend checking your air pressure at least once a month. I think you could probably draw a similar conclusion on forest access and ‘gravel’ roads. WTB promote the Resolute as a four seasons, any conditions, gravel tyre. I have liked or loved a number of their tires. I could not flat the Resolutes. Set up was really easy as is true with just about every darn WTB tire I’ve set up tubeless.

But the Resolutes never flinched, never skidded.

The tread pattern is chunkier than the Riddler and I suspect they will be competent once the surface becomes wet and muddy once again. The Resolute is available in the 700c size tested here as well as a 650b version. However, it’s a perfect setting and proving ground for the bikes I build. The 6 most important findings from our bikepacking bike group test – What to... Yorkshire Grit – The Restrap story, from a back-bedroom to a global player. To me, that sounds a lot like the Nano which I reviewed in March. Speed check every once in a while for the ruts, but a good majority of that rough stuff I was bunny hopping over. Mountain bikes it was the same thing. It's time to banish the winter blues with this brand new seasonal range of undeniably cute riding bags from our pals at Wizard.Works.⁠.

The tread pattern features small, square knobs that are tightly spaced through the center to minimize rolling resistance with wide-set intermediate and sturdy side knobs to provide plenty of grip on loose and rocky terrain. It would be interesting to see how the 650b version stacks up as that could be really fun! ⁠ On an international level, gravel racers are at it every week, while mountain bikers blast their gravel bikes down trails on training rides, heavily loaded bike-packers crawl through the Gobi desert with 27.4 kg of baggage and a 5.7 L water tank. Same as cool socks and beards.

Read the new issue of GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine now. So if you’re game for a large volume tire that’s capable in just about everything you can throw at it and available for both 700c and 650b, consider the WTB Resolute!

Or, if you're lucky like us, some 30kph winds and intermittent rain! We'll be bringing you the full group test line up soon, and our thoughts on them all after some serious winter testing.

Here's ADVNTR contributor JamesStockhausen's pick; the 650b x 47mm WildernessTrailBikes Senderos.⁠, An ode to the Nano; Katherine shares her experiences with over 3 years of riding wildernesstrailbikes Nano 40 gravel tyres and why she'd recommend them to almost anyone.⁠.

The brain trust in Marin County, CA had set out to make one tire to tackle all conditions: packed, loose over hard, mud and paved surfaces, possibly in one ride. We've tested the 40-622 "TCS Light/Fast Rolling" Nano with tan sidewalls. And while WTB was particularly focused on making a tire that sheds mud better than its previous models, they most certainly created a tire that digs into terra firma. ⁠

Anyone who hasn’t yet gone down the rabbit hole that is tires will most likely be scratching their head over the various size classifications.

It was time to try the WTB Resolute. ⁠

So... even though it might be for the wish list for now, where would you like to see great gravel and bikepacking routes from first? My average road speed increased to 18s or 19s from the more pedestrian 16s or 17s on the Riddler.

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