Crossings can be combined with speed tables (i.e. You must not stop on a 'Zebra' crossing. #39327617 - Zebra skin repeated seamless pattern. Camouflage Safari.. #157464735 - Seamless Zebra Wallpaper. #102963086 - Cracked yellow and white paint lines on grey asphalt road texture,.. On being shown a black and white design, Callaghan is said to have remarked that it resembled a zebra.

Fashion Animal Pattern. Watercolor Safari Fur Texture. Violet Watercolour.. #156036732 - Seamless Zebra Background. Zoo Safari.. #156275632 - Seamless Zebra Skin. These road markings not only control Traffic by giving orders, they also warn you as a driver that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road. Purple.. #126646359 - Slippery road with a pedestrian crossing painted in yellow and.. White Fashion.. #157208317 - Pedestrian crossing, yellow white stripes, road marking zebra,.. #157108112 - Wave Abstract Exotic Pattern. When approaching a 'Zebra' crossing, look out for pedestrians waiting to cross (particularly children, the elderly and the disabled). Because of the characteristics of zebra crossings, parallel stripes that are wide but not long, the striping machine is often a small hand-guided road marking machine, which can easily be made to change direction.

A yellow beacon, usually flashing, marks the location of the crossing. Tiger.. #155642241 - Green Zebra Texture. These road markings not only control traffic by giving orders, but also warn you as a driver that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road. These were introduced to the UK in the 1930s as a road safety measure and were marked by a pair of striped poles, each supporting a flashing orange light, known as Belisha Beacons. A post for mounting the yellow globe indicating the crossing must be placed at each end, normally on the side closest to approaching traffic. The reason for this option is to recognize the importance of the animal for the region's farming. Pedestrians wishing to cross the road within 20 m (66 ft) of a crossing facility (which includes zebra crossings) must use a crossing facility. #111881607 - Zebra Stripes Pattern. Similar Images . A zebra crossing immediately outside the Russian Embassy in Helsinki was painted in summer 2013 with the colours of the rainbow to protest the Russian government's policy towards lesbian and gay people, the rainbow being one symbol of the LGBT culture. Camouflage Africa Skin. This line indicates the end of the side road and to be watchful so you don't go off the road. #95809875 - Zebra standing in the dry grass sketch vector graphics monochrome.. #73998271 - black and white linear paint draw zebra illustration. They provide priority and right of way to pedestrians under all circumstances. Yellow Fashion.. #155499394 - White African Print. Chevron Fabrics. multicolored striped silk fabric. Although intended to improve pedestrian safety on the crossings, they have also been popular with tourists who like to be photographed crossing them, appearing to hover above the ground.

Tiger Skin... #157464567 - Seamless Ethnic Print. Their widely used nickname arose because of the warning sign they hold up as they stop traffic: the sign is a large round disc on a long pole and thus resembles a giant lollipop, although they were originally of a square design. In traffic queues, leave 'Zebra' crossing clear and stop behind the 'Give way' line. #125954162 - fast moving blurred car at a pedestrian crossing with warning.. #110881833 - A zebra crossing on the streets of the city, #110881838 - highway road tunnel at night,traffic concept, #122902116 - Yellow taxi on crosswalk road. Blue African Print.

Vector pattern, #101075769 - Zebra, sketch for your design, #42153888 - Great horizontal seamless background with Zebra texture, #38723297 - Zebra herd in a black and white photo with heads together. Fashion Zebra Pattern. The band Shriekback's album Sacred City contains an entire song, "Beatles Zebra Crossing? This beautiful,.. #138632282 - silk striped fabric.

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire experimented with tiger crossings during 2006–2007, but replaced them with toucan crossings. Because the width of crossing lines is wider than other traffic lines, the marking shoe of a zebra cross marking machine is accordingly wider. A yellow beacon, usually flashing, marks the location of the crossing. Be ready to slow down or stop behind the 'Give way' line to let them cross. Similar Images . #154606489 - White African Print.

It is painted yellow and black. Zebra Lines. Look out for pedestrians crossing the road across the zigzag lines. Vector. In the 1940s road markings were added to the crossing design: These were alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface. [16], A tiger crossing is a variation used in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Yep, one more orbit, and I chalk up another line on the wall. Black and white stripes. Black Abstract.. #154754669 - Abstract pattern of striped boxes. [citation needed] For over 60 years they have been recognized as a safe place for pedestrians to cross but more recently, some drivers are failing to give way to pedestrians. In the United Kingdom, it allows cyclists to cross in a central area of the road without dismounting, and obliges motorists to give way to both cyclists and pedestrians. #117097248 - View of the pedestrian crossing horizontal, quite worn. [23][24] In the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst there was a rainbow crossing along Oxford street in recent years, to show support for the LGBT community. The awsome.. #128902990 - The pedestrian edge is painted white-red. Blue Cheetah Background. [20], There is also a tongue-in-cheek reference to zebra crossings in the science-fiction comedy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by English author Douglas Adams, in reference to Man using the improbable creature called the Babel fish as proof of the non-existence of God; the novel says, "Man then goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed at the next zebra crossing.". The cover made the crossing a tourist attraction, and it has been incorporated into the Abbey Road Studios logo.

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