Gods While Beerus and Whis are at their temple, Beerus is waiting for his food when a call comes through. Bill has numerous ways to be put down. If Goku presses it, the Omni-King will come right to him. However, Sinbad in at his best Moment was High Multiversal, so Zeno has no chance. However, after finding out Bill's intentions, he shut down the device, keeping Bill from obtaining his physical form. It is possible that Zeno is lonely, as almost nobody knows of his existence, and those who do fear his power, proving a barrier to friendship, as his attendants wait on him hand and foot and the Grand Minister only treated him as if he is royalty, blithely following his orders without question. Zen-Oh is very short and small, with a rather large oval-shaped head. Thanking the Grand Priest, Zeno gave him a piece of candy, much to the Priest's delight. As of the Tournament of Power, Zeno has now wiped out 13 total Universes, while Future Zeno has wiped out 25, which includes the Universes that he jointly erased with Zeno on top of the 18 from his own timeline. Dyspo was vaguely stated to be FTL, who's faster than SSB Goku. A tournament with all the universes together. Jason: It means that Bill is several infinities above our own dimension. If a Time Patroller uses the Kamehameha emote, Mascot Zeno will mimic them. It takes place in Zeno's Palace. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They have also consistenly voiced their fascination with Vegeta and his prideful, powerful approach to combat. Bill: Well, these two are among the most famous.

There is a reason why zeno is above gods that can destroy anything like the physical and spiritual plane of existence you know. Lol at high multiversal,do you even have any feats that depicts him at universal? Beerus | A Decision at Last! In spite of all this, Zeno and his future counterpart, at least in the anime, showed wisdom worthy of supreme beings, as the Great Priest revealed that both of them intended the tournament prize, the wish of the Super Dragon Balls, to be used for an incredible virtuous act (e.g. the magi verse lacks speed feats even comparable to early dbz saiyan saga. Some time after the defeat of Zamasu, Zeno and his future counterpart are visited by Goku, who reminds the former of the tournament promised to the Saiyan after the conclusion of the previous tournament.

All Mortals - Erased by Zeno and Future Zeno due to erasing the universe. Crimes He makes another appearance when he calls Whis using his staff, informing Whis and Beerus that he would like to meet with Goku, greatly shocking both gods. Bill does have limitations.

The two instantly get along, and they thank Goku for bringing them together. It has been shown many times that he has absolutely no idea of the actions, crimes, or acts of destruction that occur throughout the multiverse.

He can be erased with the quatam destabilizer and the zodiac symbol. Goku battles Top into an unfinished battle. In terms of power, he's not someone you would want to meet. The two Zeno's joyfully fly to Goku and engage him in their handshake, praising him for his performance in the tournament and thanking him for his role in making it happen. He really shouldn't be used in battles until we gest some more feats from him. Zeno is a FTL multiversal character, are Magi characters that powerful? Even immensely powerful and immortal beings such as Infinite Zamasu were no match for his Erase technique. Every one on team 2 are in their final forms. His penchant for physical contact with Goku is likely a result of how surgical and formal people are around him, leaving him feeling somewhat starved for companionship. They are amazed by the battle and are eager with anticipation as the fighters prepare to go all out but Grand Minister ends the match to their disappointment until they hear the fighters need to conserve their power for the actual tournament. On & Off Supreme Being, Omni-KingKing of AllAll-chanZen-chanAllie (Viz manga adaption)Zenny (FUNimation dub)Lord of EverythingThe Almighty Zen-OhGrand Zen-Oh, Authority over all gods of the multiverseInfinite powerFlightMatiokinesisNonexistenceMeta Fear InducementOmnineutrality. I will make some scans from the Manga, but i need some time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "And then I got an idea that was very good. To this end, he does not seem to have a problem with physical contact, even with strangers, as seen when he is unbothered by Goku's lively handshake. He is currently the most powerful character in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. When the combatants of the remaining universes stopped fighting, shocked by the erasure of Universe 9, the Zenos were puzzled as to why they had stopped fighting. With everything ready, the group are transported to the fighting arena for the Exhibition Match. No clue... what are sunbads destructive feats? He prefers Goku to speak plainly, and is unappreciative of (to the point of threatening) those who fear him attempting to speak in Goku's place with what they believe he wants to hear, appreciating the Saiyan's unconventional approach to life and finding his informal and friendly demeanor to be refreshing after countless eons of being feared and skirted around by his subjects and attendants. While that's cool and all, he has no way to resist any of the hax that Sinbad is packing. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Bill Cipher 4 Zeno 5 Pre-Fight 6 Fight 7 Analysis 8 Advantadges and Disadvantadges 9 Next Time Gravity Falls Vs Dragon Ball Z!

In fact, he actually had intended to decrease the population for quite some time, seeing the Tournament of Power as the perfect opportunity to do just that. That's MFTL. Also, while these two are not fatal weaknesses, you have to note that Bill is extremley cocky and his eye is only 3D. As part of the Extra Pack 4 DLC, the Tournament of Power Arena stage has a special feature where Zeno and Future Zeno will provide commentary when the stage is selected in offline or online battle. The Great Priest then says Universe 7 would need 3 fighters for the exhibition match, and leaves the gods to decide who would compete in the match.

The Zenos and Goku fist pump, promising to meet again. It´s more a lol that Zeno should beat him. Evil-doer He is capable of creating objects imbued with magical properties, summoning a button for Goku to easily summon or go to him, and flying. Additionally, Zeno cannot be defeated. Zeno allows Goku to speak to him, and even shakes hands with Goku after a long pause when the latter offers his hand. Zen-Oh | Zeno and his attendants in the Tournament held by the Gods of Destruction. Alongside them, another pair of gods, a Supreme Kai and God of Destruction from Universe 9, are standing with their own three fighters, a trio of anthropomorphic animals who called themselves the Trio De Dangers. Third Stellar Region Army, Moro Corps

During the tournament, both Zenos watch in amazement at the battle. During Goku's battle with Bergamo, Future Zeno is surprised by the power of Super Saiyan Blue as his counterpart explains it to him. His power was such that he could even effortlessly erase people who had been granted immortality via the Super Dragon Balls, as demonstrated by his future self with Infinite Zamasu in both the manga and anime. Alias And Grant My Wish, Peas and Carrots! Despite his troubling nature towards life, Zen-Oh is not truly malicious, as it is implied that Zen-Oh's indifference to the lives of others is simply because, much like a young child, he is too innocent to understand the full weight of his actions, and according to Beerus, this is exactly why he is so dangerous. At Goku's suggestion, the two decide to play with both being happy to have finally found a friend. When Goku summons the future counterpart of Zen-Oh, Future Trunks questioned who he was and became surprised to learn from Bulma that Zen-Oh is the most eminent, powerful god in the universe. When Grand Minister announced the intended date of the Tournament of Power, he informed Goku that Zeno and Future Zeno had agreed to host a preliminary match between three warriors from Universe 7 and 9 to test the abilities of the participants. He is extremely lazy and unintelligent when it comes to his duties as a king. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

He can just blink everyone out of existence. Zeno has even gone as far as to ask the Saiyan to become his friend, and to have Goku give him the nickname "Zenny." Android 21 |

According to Whis, there were originally 18 universes before Zeno destroyed 6 of them when he was in an "unpleasant mood". In the anime it is stated by the Great Minister that Zeno foresaw the outcome of a virtuous being winning the tournament of power who would selflessly wish on the Super Dragon Balls. @valor_175: No it don't you base hax working on who is comparable to the person they are facing otherwise people wouldn't have made Solo king Itachi lulz as a joke meme because Genjutsu's Galactus or high tier opponent that is cosmic lvl just because they haven't shown resistance against it as a viable method to win makes 0 sense because A: they are beyond your scope of power B: They ain't human they are a cosmic being.

Goku then chose Gohan and Good Buu, and allowed Mr. Satan to accompany them in order to keep Buu under control. It takes place in Zeno's Palace. But if the wish was to be an egotistical one (e.g. His main attire is a magenta and yellow lined coat, with yellow pants and magenta shoes. He also replaced as a guardian of the Sacred Palace. He can create multiple weirdlike entities such as a cthulu like entity. Additionally, they can be seen as 2D textures sitting on their throne far in the background. Zeno (right) meets his alternate future timeline counterpart (left). Zeno watches the Tournament of Destroyers from a distance away of the Nameless Planet. Throughout the first match of the Zen Exhibition Match, they seem to take a liking to Buu's nature as well, since he is goofy, high-spirited, childish, and playful, much like the Kings of All. Zeno asks Beerus and Whis to have Goku meet him, much to the divine duo's shock and uneasiness. Super Shenron is on Zenos side, Which makes it even more spite. I thought this was going to be weak universe lol. He has small round eyes, and small rounded gray "ears".

Zeno destroyed 12 universe because he was "annoyed so I can't imagine a bloodlusted one lol. Was later revived with the Super Dragon Balls. Destroying universes (formerly).Hosting tournaments.Doing anything that is fun.Ruling over the multiverse.Watching mortals fight. The three went to the World of Kai's to discuss what just happened at Zen-Oh's palace. The Zeno Expo (全ぜん覧らん試合しあい, Zenran-jiai, lit. However, the Tournament of Power has a dire rule: all of the universes defeated in it are to be erased by the ruling duo. Zeno, who was enjoying the event, became furious and had to be calmed down by the gods from the 11 universes. Saganbo | Jason: Lets find out who will win in tonight's Death Battle. Later on, when Frieza had eliminated Frost, Zeno erased the latter as he was preparing to fire a Chaos Beam at Frieza from the sidelines. It is then revealed that it wasn't just the two teams that were there, but all of the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais were spectating this exhibition match. Yunba | For example, he accepted Bergamo's proposal to rescind universal destruction were he to win against Goku, despite his earlier decision. This was later proven with his future counterpart, where the latter was still alive, despite wiping the future. Bill: However, to do that, you must have. For this reason, Zeno's mere presence would casually terrify all other deities and cause them to immediately bow before him out of fear and respect. Ugo is on the same Level like Sinbad and, both are far above Ill Illah, a Universal Being. Jason: Good idea. https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Zeno_Expo?oldid=1906641.

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