Goldenage, mine looks much like yours.

Coming soon: The WASHED OUT BRASS COMPASS! Centered with a working miniature hourglass with inner rotating rings. Comparison of the face of both prop and replica.

Great right up.
Collect all 17! I worked it a little with a microfiber cloth and it's a bit glossier now.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.

The Noble Collection is the official licensed creator of movie merchandise, specializing in finely crafted treasures, movie props and collectibles. NN7216, Finely crafted plush, made of high-quality materials. The Noble Collection alethiometer replica is a solid, heavy, satisfying object to own. Measures 21 inches in length.

NN7421, Features detailed sculpt with intricate paint deco. JavaScript is disabled. I'd call it a satiny finish, over brass. Officially licensed by Warner Brothers. On the plus side, the shape and size are right, and there's no denying, it LOOKS like an Alethiometer.

Beautifully crafted plush replica from the Harry Potter franchise.

In realistic lighting it looks the same as yours.

Also there are too many scenes in the early part of the film which reminded me of Oliver Twist. NN3543. Measures approximately 31.5 inches in length.

Beautifully crafted plush replica from the Harry Potter franchise. 4 - Hungarian Horntail, The Monster Book of Monsters Collector Plush, Hogwarts Express Die cast Train Model and Base. Measures approximately 18 inches in length. Harry Potter Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box, Dumbledore Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box, Magical Creatures No.

Available March 2020.

Prices are subject to change without Don't want to see this ad? Creatures are removeable from base.

NN8926, Intricately detailed die cast model 1:50 scale. I've yet to see the movie (it's on my list though).

We offer an extensive selection of top quality products especially catering to Golden Compass.' Shop official Harry Potter movie merchandise, including Harry Potter character wands, prop replicas, jewelry, sculptures, collectibles, and more!

Approximately 14' in height. NN7346, Features detailed sculpt with intricate paint deco. The bright green sand makes, Features detailed sculpt with intricate paint deco.

Approximately 14' in height.

notice. The film didn't do well domestically in the U.S. (probably due to the "controversy" raised by conservatives over the books' anti-religion stance).

Hedwig™ carries scroll featuring a Hogwarts™ seal.

Creatures are removeable from base. NN8965, Authentic recreation of Hermione's Time-Turner. I have not seen the movie but have found a tutorial to make a poor-man's alethiometer. specification inaccuracies on our web site. NN7542, Features detailed sculpt with intricate paint deco. Creatures are removeable from base.

The film didn't do well domestically in the U.S. (probably due to the "controversy" raised by conservatives over the books' anti-religion stance), but it did do well around the world. notice.

I think with a little work it could be a great replica.

Stop the ads.

Measures approximately 9 inches tall. Beautifully crafted, prop replica of the iconic Jumanji game. Measures approximately 7 inches tall. Has anyone taken one of these apart?

Authentic prop replica of Hagrid's Umbrella. Mine arrived with the blue needle loose, does anyone have any tips about getting in there?

Probably the best thing about the film "The Golden Compass", IMHO, was the realization of the Aleithomter, the "truth measure", a gadget which, when read properly by a sensitive such as the film's protagonist Lyra Bellaqua, can reveal future or past events. Plated in 24 karat. Features finely detailed sculpts and full graphic artwork inside. is not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product Despite it's inaccuracies - it's a beautiful rendition of the actual prop. Shop finely crafted treasures exclusively from The Noble Collection, including beautifully made collectible items and hand painted sculptures.

Prices are subject to change without

Judging by the rousing box office it did, I'd say clearance sales are inevitable.

There is also a sort of lacquered feel / look to the case. Nice review! Creatures are removeable from base.

(the film props appeared more golden in tone).

The gearwheels at the center, particularly. NN7539. Measures approximately 7 x 5 inches closed. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

The actual prop's casing seems to be in the form of a one-piece brass bowl with a brass lid.

Measures approximately 7 inches tall.

Officially licensed by Warner Brothers. Collect all 17!

Overall pretty good, but get into the tiny details and the replica is not accurate.

Batteries included.

specification inaccuracies on our web site. Measures approximately 7 inches tall. Miniature version of the Jumanji game board, that features lights and sounds when you open the game.

Before the film came out, Alethiometer replicas were mostly based on the illustration done for the book cover ("Golden Compass" was the book's US title, the original title is "Northern Lights"). Collect all 17! :lol. I'd add to the review that from my POV I was a little let down by the obvious casting seams and the terrible cheap plastic "glass".

It measures 10 inches in height and is crafted in fine pewter, die cast metal, translucent ABS and enamel. It kind of reminds me of that device used in the old series, Voyagers. Measures approximately 7 inches tall.

Even just removing the glass/plastic? is not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product

Measures approximately 14 inches tall. You are using an out of date browser.

Support the community. Made of high-quality materials.

Thanks,,, Factory Entertainment James Bond Man with the Golden Gun Re-Release. Noble Collection has come out with a replica of the Alethiometer, and at around $200, it's both impressive and disappointing. Featuring detailed embroidery and embellishments. Dobby™ measures approximately 16.5 inches tall.

Collect all 17! Measures two inches in diameter, chain is 30 inches long. The case is a brass color, with a bit of dull coating. Display base included. Also my flash really blows things out and makes mine look far more golden and shiny than it actually is.

Can pose to sit or stand. NN7450, A striking prop replica of Professor Slughorn's famous hourglass. 'The Noble Collection has a variety of Golden Compass products available. NN7982, Detailed sculpted wall décor. NN7865, Finely crafted prop replica. For a serious, heirloom quality souvenir of your nerdy, fanboyish/girlish affection for His Dark Materials, you can't go wrong with this product. Mine seems a little less "golden" than yours (in natural light) - how's the finish? That's a great DIY project.

I'd say give it a look on DVD... it comes across more as fantasy than anything (parts of it reminded me of "Stardust"), and certain elements from the book are missing.

NN8871, Plush replica featuring detailed, high-quality materials. Sign up for anRPF Premium Membershiptoday. Fully functional and made of high-quality materials. I'd say mine is a dull brass and a little lacquered. Also included are instructions and components for added game play.

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