Otherwise these girls wouldn’t be trying so hard to fit in.

OG IS JUST MAD BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES NOTHING CHANGES!!! You need to stop acting an a-s for CeCe now you do not have a job. She’s my type of ppl. That’s a when other level of psycho.

U ladies must be jealous of OG. That has to be it. Tell her to unfasten that $2/bag weave, remove the layers of gloppy stage makeup, the distasteful wardrobe, and for heaven’s sake THOSE TARANTULA EYELASHES … Then, make someone will hear you. We were all upset when this happened to the Obamas. This Is not all OG fault the other ladies are to blame as well. OG didn’t say that out of the blue…each time it was because someone else talked a lot of crap. You say that threatening people will end up with jail…how about when you actually physically assault someone? Thank you Danny because those are my thoughts exactly. Fiby too young to hang with the older women and bring her 6th grade bullying on the show to try and fit in. After Malaysia posted the picture to Instagram, Bambi left a comment. That b-tch do look like a chimp. That’s why I couldn’t understand why Evelyn and them were mad at OG not letting Ev run up on Cece in Costa Rica. He is known for Reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Then we have everybody else attacking and coming for us. OG need to go. Ask Megan Markle if this is racist. Shaunie you really need to fix this. Lil Scrappy married Adizia "Bambi" Benson on September 8, 2017. Shaunie comes up with the cast, storyline, whereabouts, etc… Wake tf up people, she’s fooled people long enough. So the REAL deal to a “Version” of an original can get away with all that she does and other women as well because they are NOT strong black women.

And she snatched him from her. Stop it shoot O.G. To be clear. FOH! How dare a Puerto Rican, Biracial or Latino call OG a Monkey or Godzilla and say they’re not racist. At Axiom Dentistry, we offer competitive pricing, special offers and payment options to ensure our new and loyal patients get the best deal, while receiving the best dental treatments to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile. All rights reserved. There was actually a picture comparison of this. Bambi’s real name is Adizia Benson, but her friends nicknamed her “Bambi with brains” because she is a double graduate in journalism.

Malaysia & Bambi are childhood friends as I understand.

Lil Scrappy's wife has some kind of writing inked on her left arm along with some love and flower drawings. I see whoever is available and everyone has been wonderful.

That’s why she kept saying things about evenly. Byron you stupid. Malaysia did bleach you can tell by the way she look now and then the way she look back in the day. The 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL)' Adizia Benson aka Bambi has gone under the knife and had four plastic surgeries done to enhance her body. Our warm and welcoming team looks forward to meeting your whole family. Malaysia have bleach her skin she is lying talking about she didn’t ray Charles can see that she bleach lying tail hefer.

Call Us Today at: (919) 298-2098, © 2020 Axiom Dentistry. I’ll wait, because she’s not a basketball wives and she thought it was ok to bring up another basketball wife ex husband. Did it cause me to cry victim …. That just make her look like a basketball groupie. How dare you refer to another Black woman as an animal. Dear.. it’s called makeup. Painful to read. She is the worst instigator of the grouo. But cuz they wanna bully cc it’s a problem when og takes up for her. I agree shaunie should say something to Evelyn about calling OG an ape. Every time I see Scrappy smile I think about what he said about Erica being there for him when he ain’t have no teeth, they knocked his teeth out, and she didn’t laugh or anything she held it down lol. This breaks my heart. Now why she on here again??? @brelandrichardson ❤️❤️❤️❤️, A post shared by Momma Dee (@tharealmommadee) on Nov 10, 2018 at 12:34pm PST, Another commenter shared: “Too cute for words. No! So f-ck em.

After a being hit with a bottle that left him missing his two front teeth, Scrappy had to have surgery for the damage. Receipts!! Emani Richardson was … God is good, remember Scrappy was looking for the bam she wasn’t lost God had to make sure when he gave her back you would be ready for that life don’t mess up luv all of you always in my prayers. The FIRST one in a d-mn DECADE comes on from AFRICA …show about strong, talented and business oriented sisters. Definetly the definition of a f-ck face, for real. 2.9m Followers, 1,495 Following, 2,838 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Bam (@adizthebam) It does not matter if she know her for one second if she’s my friend I’m going to stick up for her cuz I would want somebody to do it for me that’s not first time someone said Malaysia bleach her skin so don’t act like y’all ain’t heard that mess before she told the first shot at OG and OG throwing it back, First off I’d like to say all African American women of color yellow brown dark light we all are beautiful in our way whatever makes us comfortable that’s what we do it is so sad that people like OG comes to this country and the envious of the beautiful black women that are here you came into this world the way God wanted you work with it change your attitude make people like you beauty comes from within and your attitude makes you ugly OG Malaysia you are a beautiful and I mean beautiful and I do not swing that way LOL but stay that way whatever makes you comfortable in life do it this is a journey we’re going through this is not the life that God has set for neither one of us so grow the hell up OG and get yourself a real job and get around people that really want you around them the cast basketball wives it’s not for you I am from Louisiana and I’ve been through a lot as far as skin color and is sad cuz we all the same in our way I’m beautiful inside and I’m beautiful outside and I think very highly of myself I’m not no better than no one else but I’m better than that Crystal.

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