By now Carry On Again Nurse had become known as Carry On Nursing, scripted by George Layton and Jonathan Lynn.

The money-saving (and last) monochrome production was Carry On Spying, an underrated satire of James Bond and the vogue for espionage movies such as The Ipcress File. Sid though liked the idea of a western pastiche and a chance to work with horses, Carry On Cowboy became a more viable idea and Carry On Robin was forgotten. Thank you for visiting!

Though there are a number of ways of telling the Robin Hood legend, the team would no doubt have played it fast and loose for as many laughs as they could muster. Buy our Film Stories and Film Stories Junior print magazines here. We make pedals for the love of bringing inspiring pieces of sonic art, to the world of musicians to create with. It concerned a ballet dancer’s boyfriend, called up to do National Service on their wedding day. Dirty clothes are placed in a bag and most of it is put on a resupply vehicle that makes a one-way trip to the space station several times a year. The would-be cast was said to include Paul O’Grady and Daniella Westbrook, however this never really came together and entered a protracted period of production hell, later being referred to, somewhat randomly, as Carry On Bananas.

There is no washing machine in space. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. Durable, insulated, and available in three colorways and two sizes. Keep it clean or let those battle scars show -- your choice. SPACEMAN UNIQUE SONIC CREATIONS, BUILT TO INSPIRE Spaceman creates unique electronic musical effects.

Working up a suggestion by his great friend Peter Butterworth, whom he had first met when they were detained in a prisoner of war camp, organising a concert party to cover the noise of escapees.

Kenneth Connor and Charles Hawtrey (a graduate of the Will Hay films of the 30s and 40s). In the 90s, however, NASA administrator Daniel S. Goldin killed off the iconic worm logo in favor of reviving the old meatball logo for a bit of nostalgia, and the worm hasn’t been to space since.

A fellow prisoner was Rupert Davies, later the first TV Maigret. In the early 1980s, some three years after what many thought had been the final feature film – Carry On Emmanuelle – attempts were made to respond the success of TV soap Dallas. ©2020 Hiconsumption LLC. The idea, whilst not unique, was very effective. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider The Carry On title was the ‘star’, the film’s biggest names were notoriously paid a very low fee, being offset by the fact the movies were made on a regular basis. Though a straight drama, screenwriter Norman Hudis seized upon the comic potential of the set-up – a newly married young man enduring National Service, instead of enjoying his honeymoon – making it the backstory for the nominal star of the film, Bob Monkhouse.

There was some disquiet that the film may suffer if a major fire broke out near its release date, and that it might be seen as tasteless at best and could even be pulled at worst.

World War II films had always done good business at the box office and in 1972 the BBC had great success with the series Colditz, which featured an international cast and won high ratings. Intended to give a more European view of the space race, it was seen as a potentially expensive project and having just made their first film in colour, Rogers and Thomas were …

Again it didn’t happen, and a further attempt to resuscitate the idea came in early 1988. The humour is probably far too bawdy for modern audiences, and the innuendo that laced the original films feeling very out of place. Know the latest in healthcare industry with our Healthcare newsletter.

It was set to star Shaun Williamson, familiar to TV viewers as Barry in EastEnders (and later for his role in Extras trying not to play that part, despite his agent, Darren Lamb, regularly calling him “Barry”).

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