I will eventually get more corsair rgb fans for sure,,these are sp120 pro elite. So it’s not surprising that the R8 12 pin combo LED controller/Power switch header shows that behavior. If i get a different kind i will need another node for the rgb control but as far as the fan motors, ya if i cant use the motherboard then i still have 3 ports on the commander available.nice to have options. The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderatingContact USA Technical Support. one using actual slot, two using sheet metal as backing with washer. I too am a user. After a month of daily use of this machine, I want to share the outcome of this successful case swap into a Phanteks Eclipse P350X case. Capacité totale de stockage: 1000 Go, Supports de stockage: Disque Think I found a way to install larger 315mm+ radiators as well which has been an issue in this case without cutting. I even went back and tried it to make sure it wasn't a snafu and here's a picture showing it in my case: Here's also a closeup of the power connector that my R8 uses. Update on the Alienware Case swap on that thread....there is a power switch error at startup also present.Working on that as well. I was wondering if the NZXT H510 would be a viable pick. Will do that when I move to the ampere card with no GPU radiator.. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Follow up on the Alienware R8 case swap by @Gysper, Similar IO error on startup from the XPS 8930, need to have the IO unit in the case with motherboard USB headers connected. I'm surprised. While the slot number could be different for another model, the option to use the case power SWITCH versus the original power connector does result in a bootup error.

@mt.byte was able to analyze each of the XPS 8930 headers and show exactly which pins the BIOS needed to sense at startup and had to be jumped to bypass them. So to do a case swap on the R8, here are the workarounds. This error is contained in the BIOS but users can click continue to go past it. They used to do things like a duct that allowed them to cool the CPU and case with a single fan. DELL XPS 8930. Failing that, It might mean a third pin is involved.

Then add the PCI-e card for USB function for the new case. Not having the machine to test is a problem....hoping someone is willing to try the fixes looking for the workaround rather than settling for a case swap with issues. When the BIOS doesn’t “sense” that cable at that pin or combination of pins attached at post, it throws a BIOS error. Is pretty simple now that the workarounds are known. If it’s just two additional pins on the header that need to be jumped, using a jumper cable and trial and error with that cable attached to different pin combinations shouldn’t take long. https://www.dell.com/community/XPS-Desktops/XPS-8910-8920-8920-SE-8930-Case-Upgrade-Mods/m-p/7259111... Report Unresolved Customer Service IssueshereI do not work for Dell. The CPU fan in the XPS 8930 looks more like an OEM unit, which most enthusiasts would discard as inadequate. DId not do this initially as provided mounting holes did not allow for both radiators to be installed together. Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Removing the Processor Fan and Heat-Sink Assembly, Replacing the Processor Fan and Heat-Sink Assembly, Assigning a System Password and Setup Password, Power-Supply Unit Built-In Self Test (BIST), Steps to Confirm That Power-Supply Unit Is Defective, Desktop Dell XPS 8920 Setup And Specifications, Desktop Dell Studio XPS 8100 Service Manual, Desktop Dell XPS 8200 Technical Specifications, Page 11: Before Working Inside Your Computer, Page 15: After Working Inside Your Computer, Page 45: Replacing The Primary Hard-Drive, Page 46: Removing The Secondary Hard-Drive, Page 50: Replacing The Secondary Hard-Drive, Page 68: Removing The Full-Length Graphics Cards, Page 71: Replacing The Full-Length Graphics Cards, Page 77: Removing The Power-Button Module, Page 79: Replacing The Power-Button Module, Page 84: Removing Blower And Heat-Sink Assembly, Page 88: Replacing Blower And Heat-Sink Assembly, Page 93: Removing The Processor Fan And Heat-Sink Assembly, Page 95: Replacing The Processor Fan And Heat-Sink Assembly, Page 129: Assigning A System Password And Setup Password, Page 137: Power-Supply Unit Built-In Self Test (Bist), Page 138: Steps To Confirm That Power-Supply Unit Is Defective, Page 141: Getting Help And Contacting Dell.

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