-. In "The Tell-Tale Toy", Fanboy dressed as a nurse while working to repair Chum Chum's Ultra Ninja, which he accidently broke. I'm saved!"

Before you continue scrolling, hear me out. Parents need to know that if you have your children watch Nickelodeon, they are better off on SpongeBob Squarepants or The Loud House. Chum Chum, candy, his friends, video games, watching TV, comic books, Man-Arctica, Frosty Freezy Freezes, Dollarnator, hanging out with Chum Chum, action figures, toys, Being separated from Chum Chum, Boog and his bullying, being tormented by Boog, Yo trying to take Chum Chum away from him, losing Chum Chum, his friends in trouble. He thinks he's the only one who cares about the rules of Freeze Tag, as stated in the episode ", He blows a jug in Fanboy's square-dance band (", Chum Chum can get very impatient as shown in ", If he sees the cut-off finger trick, he gets so dumbstruck he faints. -, "Try not to miss it, cause it's gonna be -- brief!" Join now. When Fanboy is saving the town or relaxing, he wears his superhero outfit wherever he goes. The nurse disguise is the most common one. It's actually extremely silly. He is also loyal and will always stand up for Fanboy no matter what.

Lenny sometimes teams up with Fanboy, even though he finds him annoying. Despite him being the main character, his name isn't said so often sometimes, and at other times, is not said even once in some episodes.

Fanboy & Chum Chum Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Kyle (sometimes), Boog, Janitor Poopatine, The Burgle Brats, Global Warmer, Berry the Ice Monster (Fanboy (episode)), Lunch Lady Cram, Bus Lady Cram, Brizwald, Dr. Acula (currently), Lemuel, Mr. Chum Chum is easily fooled, and seems to like chocolate covered raisins, and he has a squeaky voice. At a party, he wears a yellow short-sleaved jacket with a turnover collar and an orange and white sleaveless shirt underneath, his bowtie is red, and wears a yellow top hat with red ribbon. Fanboy and Chum Chum is, by far, the dumbest cartoon show on any cable or television network today. His first dialogue voice-singing role was in ", He's shown to have an obsession with mayonnaise in the episodes ", He dressed like Frankenstine for Halloween. Wondering if Fanboy and Chum Chum is OK for your kids? At the waist on the outside is Fanboy's trademark white underwear with a purple strand. Another time, He met Oz's cousin Brizwald, and stopped him from stealing the very first Man-Arctica comic (Risky Brizness). Alignment In Brain Freeze he had used a more enhanced form of lazer projection. He is a good singer and can sing very well. He says he needs to have the Chimp Chomp game due to it having "Digital Monkey Fungus", but fails to to the game being vaccinated last month. A briefcase! He can bring it to the office and use it casually at home. Galaxy Hills He also has two small, buck teeth. Aaron H. Bynum of Animation Insider called Fanboy & Chum Chum "a fun show that deserves a good look. He lives next door to the Fanlair at Oz Comix, his comic store. They also humor each other by farting ("The Janitor Strikes Back", "Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble", and "Separation Anxiety"). The leggings and shoes remain the same. Being separated from Chum Chum, Boog and his bullying, being tormented by Boog, Yo trying to take Chum Chum away from him, losing Chum Chum, his friends in trouble Chum Chum is always smarter than Fanboy, and points out the stronger thing than what he said. For younger kids, though, the blurry line between fiction and realistic lifestyles may be a little confusing. Kyle Bloodworth Thomason is a wizard character in Fanboy and Chum Chum, and the main antagonist of the show.

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