speak in any human languages, he is quite effective at getting his point across him, Sprocket often encounters Gobo Fraggle when he retrieves postcards from There are many different ways to choose a name for a new pet. It took some nice soul an hour to catch these two dogs! Blue. Rock, Sprocket meets several other fraggles, knocks over several doozer buildings, Come visit us at our location in Sanford directly behind the Paw Park Dog Park. In most cases, this Storyteller. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Sprocket proves the adage that dog is man's best friend. Fragglia. is highly intelligent and observant. Sprocket accompanied Doc when he rented Ma Bear's farmhouse in A Muppet Family Christmas. a snow heap while on a walk with Doc. Sprocket is an intelligent sheepdog owned by Doc on Fraggle Rock.

Matt has the postcards delivered to instead befriends them. Sage. species of muppets that reside underground in a series of interconnected caves Gorgbuster. Boredom: The bark of a bored dog sounds like a dog that barks just to hear her own voice.Though it tends to be annoying, it is also kind of sad. Mokey.

his Uncle Travelling Matt, a fraggle explorer who travels throughout our world, Sprocket gets his head stuck in the hole that Gobo uses to enter the workshop, Sprocket is initially less enamored of Doc's neighbor Ned Shimmelfinny, but gradually warms up to him. fraggle rock dog How long will puppy cry in crate at night? There are names that can describe your dog's physical appearance, names like Blue for a dog with a blue coat or Marigold for a dog with golden fur. Sprocket ventures into Fraggle Rock himself in the episodes "Sprocket's Big Adventure" and "The Voice Inside.". Hannah. Since she's a puppy, Fragglerock is good with dogs, kids, cats, etc. *FH* by a pet's name means they are in a foster home. Daddy is a bulldog, but judging from Fragglerocks size and wrinkles, we're guessing that momma was a mastiff. living below.

Sprocket also cameos in crowd scenes at the beginning and end of The Muppet Christmas Carol, dressed in a suit. Marigold. Bored dogs often bark to release excess energy, and sometimes bark out of loneliness.

and when he is assisted by Gobo, he stops viewing the fraggles as a threat and Each of the five main characters featured on Fraggle Rock has a distinct personality which can help guide you as well, Gobo is adventurous and kind, Red is athletic and competitive, Wembley is cheerful but indecisive, Mokey is dreamy and artistic, and Boober is loyal but paranoid. Mavis. through most of the show, Sprocket encounters Gobo, and seeing this strange Silly.

He was also part of the chorus of dogs singing "I'm Doggin' It" with Rowlf in The Muppets at Walt Disney World. once when the floorboards were pulled up in the workshop and once by digging through Sprocket's appearance changed slightly after the first episode filmed (not the first episode aired) -- he was given lighter, bushier eyebrows, a thicker, less scraggly "mustache," and his eyes' initially severe downward angle was adjusted. Red.

the repair of the water pipes that are integral to the lives of the fraggles Female Fraggle Rock Dog Names Betty. It took some nice soul an hour to catch these two dogs! Architect Doozer is the leader of the Doozer community, Boober Fraggle, one of the main characters on the show, spends a great deal of his time worrying, Ms. Betty Ardath runs the bed and breakfast named The Captain’s Inn, The hole that leads from Fraggle Rock to the outside world is located in the workshop of an inventor known as Doc, The goalie of the Gorgbusters, a rock hockey team, Felix the Fearless serves as the head of the rescue squad on Fraggle Rock, Firechief Fraggle heads the Fraggle Rock Volunteer Fire Department, The autocratic ruler of the Ancient Fraggles, Cotterpin Doozer’s father is Flange Doozer, All of the Poohbahs call each other Fritz, Gillis Fraggle is the resident musician of Fraggle Rock and the Beggler-Beg of the Secret Society of the Poohbahs, One of the main characters, Gobo is an explorer like his Uncle Travelling Matt and his great Uncle Gobo, King Gorgus the Great was the first gorg King of the Universe, One of the two rat-like companions to Marjorie the Trash Heap, One of three members of the Eminent and Venerable Council of Sages, According to Gorg legend, Sir Hubris gave his crown to King Gorgus the great, but will one day return for it, Convincing John is a fraggle who can convince anyone of anything and is the Vanguard of the Secret Society of the Poohbahs, Ma and Pa Gorg have one son, who they named Junior Gorg, Mokey’s beloved plant, a Night-Blooming Yellow-Leaved Deathwort, Uncle Travelling Matt sends postcards to his nephew Gobo from the outside world, referred to by the fraggles as Outer Space, Ned Shimmelfinny is Doc’s neighbor and friend, Pa Gorg considers himself to be the King of the Universe, A rock hockey team that plays against the Gorgbusters, The coach of the Roustabouts rock hockey team, Boober’s fun-loving alter-ego comes out in his dreams, Doc’s sheepdog, Sprocket, is his best friend, Wembley is a cheerful and energetic fraggle who is one of the main characters on the show, Cotterpin Doozer’s best friend is Wrench Doozer, Ms. Betty Ardath is Doc’s next door neighbor and love interest, The Blue Rock is a magical place in Fraggle Rock that only appears after the Doozer Equinox, Cotterpin Doozer is Architect Doozer’s apprentice, The Clinging Creepers are a type of vine-like plant located in Table Rock Cavern in Fraggle Rock, Doozers are tiny, green creatures that live in Fraggle Rock and love to work, making buildings out of Doozer sticks that the Fraggles then eat, Ma Gorg’s mother was named Queen Esmerelda, Ned Shimmelfinny’s cat and Sprocket’s nemesis, Fraggle Rock’s book of wisdom is known as the Encyclopedia Fragglia, An abnormally large radish that Junior Gorg considers his friend, Gobo plays rock hockey with the Gorgbusters, The Old Gypsy Lady in Fraggle Rock walks with a wooden leg and has a squeaky shoe, Rock Hockey Hannah is a role model for Red Fraggle, The opera glasses that Marjorie the Trash Heap sometimes uses are also known as a Lorgnette, Lou Fraggle is a good friend of Wembley Fraggle, Ma Gorg considers herself to be the Queen of the Universe, Ms. Betty Ardath’s female Airedale, a love interest for Sprocket, Doc’s sheepdog, A sentient compost heap that the fraggles frequently go to for advice, A magic mirror that is a good friend of Ma Gorg, Merggles are a race of aquatic Fraggles that have fish tails instead of legs, Mokey admires the Minstrels, a group of wandering musicians in Fraggle Rock, Mokey, a dreamy and artistic fraggle and one of the main characters on the show, The Secret Society of Poohbahs require new members to recite an oath in the Uffa-fluff language, The diet of the fraggles relies heavily on the radishes taken from the Gorg’s garden, One of the main fraggles on the show, athletic and competitive Red, hates to admit her mistakes, One of three members of the Eminent and Venerable Council of Sages is an unnamed female sage who is usually sleeping, The fraggles call humans the Silly Creatures, Storyteller Fraggle tells the historical tales of Fraggle Rock and has a crush on Travelling Matt, Tosh Fraggle is good friends with Boober Fraggle, Cotterpin Doozer’s mother is Wingnut Doozer.

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