Your feedback about the remote batteries and the ice compartment are important to us as we continue to enhance and develop our products. DISAPPOINTED. A quick turn of the knob, and the Hessaire is in operation, getting you cooled off quickly with the following settings: Low Fan Only: Use the fan without the pump and evaporative cooling on low to circulate air.

Come on. Set the timer to auto shutoff the cooler. We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused to you because of this unit.

We post our most common, helpful questions and answers in this area.

Hessaire MC26A, Ice Pack (x 2), Owner's Manual, Remote control, Set of 4 wheels, 2 locking, 2 non-locking and Garden hose adapter with quick release Specifications Instantly feel cooler while camping, cooking out, or tailgating with the portable Hessaire MC37M 3,100 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Evaporative Cooler. Turn on or switch off the swing or oscillating louvers.

x��X[o�6~7���G���/@��8N�����0{p_�Ɩ'�1��w%_%N�(�����\Ir��\__}����$��O��ve��\F\�$w;~ �n�f��\�q�I���%F8��X��7d8�>=X2-�cdz��}�v��H�����S�u;o����r��f)d�O���y�d�s�#�S父�@� Your evaporative cooler works on the same principle.

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Top-loading ice compartment and 5.3-Gal. The water reservoir in the evaporative air cooler can hold up to 5.3 gallons of water. We are sorry for your experience with this portable evaporative air cooler.

x 25 ft. Line set for 18000 BTU Mini-split: Price $ Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

The low power consumption (only 150-Watt) translates into significant savings on energy bills compared to using air conditioners.

The hi-density XeL50 media provides 80% more evaporation surface compared to regular density media. I’m a day sleeper due to my career choice so fortunately I sleep through the Vegas summer heat.

ft. 760 CFM 3 Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control for 280 sq. For those living in more humid climates, consider portable air conditioning units or window air conditioners.

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