It makes a beautiful display piece. Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite Slab (113.7 grams) The pallasites are a class of stony–iron meteorite. JavaScript is disabled. The main mass was turned over to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. There are ‘patterns’ in the different types of meteors, in the Gibeon there is a gorgeous crystalline patterns known as Widmanstatten patterns, which is unique to meteorites. Due to the heterogeneous structure of Seymchan, there are two types of specimens: with or without olivine crystals. Has your life suddenly blown up like this planet? It is an extraterrestrial object that flashed through the atmosphere and onto Earth with a bang.

First, it is transitional between octahedrite and pallasite with a core-mantle border.

Meteorite represents the energy of other worlds and allows for the access of this special energy to the user. Lines and patterns are the result of cooling in outer space over billions of years and etching slices with dilute nitric acid allow these patterns known as “Widmanstatten lines” to be more visible.

It can help you redesign your life. A second specimen of 51 kilograms (112 lb) was found with a mine detector at a distance of 20 m from the first in October 1967 by I. H. Markov. This is a conversation-starter piece … If you feel your world is literally exploding apart and you are traumatized and paralyzed by the changes, Meteorite is just the energy you need. This specimen has a prominent Widmanstätten pattern in evidence; this latticework is indicative of a slow cooling rate that provided sufficient time — millions of years — for the two metallic alloys to form their intricate intergrowth. If you’re stressed out, traumatized, ect., with a transit or progression of Uranus to your natal chart, wearing meteorite can actually calm you down.

Coarser metal areas develop Widmanstätten patterns upon etching. It is the identification of an iron meteorite. Uranus rules the parasympathetic nervous system, shocks, trauma and unexpected events that upset us. These patterns actually tell a scientist how long it took for the molten meteorite to cool. We just brought a large quantity of new Meteorites into the Gallery. Or with an idea or project. Seymchan meteorites are renowned for some of the most robust crystalline patterns seen, and this large complete slice is, with its shimmering etch, in the tradition of the best examples. Can be used for balancing & aligning the energetic fields of the body. Are you feeling as if you are nothing but fragments of your former self? Cookies are disabled. During a new expedition in 2004, Dmitri Kachalin recovered about 50 kilograms (110 lb) of new material. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease. Remarkably, about 20% of the new specimens were found to contain olivine crystals, and so revealed the silicated nature of the meteorite.

'Galactic Star Being' Found in the Magadan District of Russia in 1967, the Seymchan is an extremely beautiful meteorite, Seymchan is a pallasite meteorite found in the dry bed of the river Hekandue, a left tributary of river Jasačnaja in the Magadan district, Russia, near the settlement of Seymchan, in June 1967. This is a Powerful collectors Quality piece of Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite Specimen. This is caused by the shearing of the meteorite as it broke up during atmospheric entry and serves as testimony of the violent experience a meteor is subject to as it falls through the atmosphere. Welcome to the Astro Gallery of Gems blog. Seymchan belongs to Main Group pallasites, but it is considered anomalous due to its high Iridium content. Nickel is thought to purify the blood and increase the body's iron content.

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