Wendigo | Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wolves | He was always seen in the valley of Kahuwera maunga in Piopio back in the 1900 to 1960s. Headless Horseman | Yet I SAW NO SIGN OF THE GOATMAN/HITCHHIKER/WAIWAIKAU. It was a long time ago [1971].

The strange circumstances of their deaths could never be found. When the truck came to a stop, the man jumped off the truck and disappeared into the night.

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Illustrations by Craig Orback. Fantastic stories of accounts that have been told in the past and experiences you have all shared here. Abere | The Goatman was first spotted in a small town in Maryland called Bowie.

Jötunn (Ymir, Loki, Hela, Skoll and Hati, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Surtr, Hræsvelgr) | Ghosts | Gremlins | Re-visit to Massey Homestead – Touch-light activation incidents, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IGmWDRpif8, The Onehunga Blockhouse – Session 2 – Re-visit. Momo | We had a book fair at school—they brought in a bunch of books and everyone could pick out two. Chorvinsky, the 44-year-old editor and publisher of the glossy, beautifully illustrated Strange Magazine (subtitled Exploring Strange Phenomena), is an authority when it comes to the unexplained (not to mention the just plain weird). Abaddon | He saved my friends and her 3 kids lives one night along the jeru straight just before Ruatoria, we call him Mawini and one night she was traveling back from Gisborne with her 3 babies, when she came to the jeru straight and looked in her rear vision mirror and mawini was in her car, she swerved in fright and as she swerved she saw a cow that was in her lane and if she hadn’t of swerved she would of plowed straight in to the cow and who knows what may have been. Baphomet | In yet another alleged sighting, in 1962, 14 hikers mysteriously died in Maryland. After an extensive but fruitless search for an “Abominable Phantom”—a shotgun-led manhunt composed of members of the Upper Marlboro fire department and avid hunters was even organized—local authorities announced that the reports were nothing but a hoax.

Hoop Snake | He is very smartly dressed and rides a white stallion. We have a similar hitch hiker but his name was Te Kumi & he had a human body top but his hips down was hooves like horse frame… Travels up & down rivers in the Mangatu, Gisborne areas, Kia Ora I’m from mangatu I can relate to Rua story Yes Te Kumi, myth or legend I believe why my tipuna seen him my uncle even wrote a story. Malawi Terror Beast | And even worse was what the two young men didn’t find that morning: the rest of the family dog’s corpse. There is now a Goatman Squad at BHS and, believe me, Goatman fever is catching.” (A crude illustration accompanied the article, claiming Goatman’s “known friends” to be “Satan, Sasquatch, Mr. Montie, Hitler, Burl Ives, Zamfir, shepherds, and others.”), “The people of Fletchertown Road must have put up with hell over the years,” Opsasnick says, pointing at various landmarks like a Universal Studios tour guide as he wheels through the area.

Greys | Titanic wasn’t sunk because of iceberg, but fire; here’s the truth, El Silbon: Young boy who killed his father and cursed to become ghost, Aka Manto: Toilet Ghost who never let girls escape death, The Hat Man which stares people and feed on their fear, Okiku: Japanese Ghost Doll whose hair are growing from many years.

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