Mine is 5 months old and I have had the freezer door replaced once, and waiting on a new one, as a plastic piece continues to pop out of the interior door, overfreezing my freezer and ice bin, in turn causing the ice not to dispense, and probably was the cause of the fridge getting warm, which in turn caused the computer to go bad. I got a replacement (after many headaches with customer service). Yet they knew said unit was defective from the onset. Lost money from leaving work early. 01 - Clogged or Freezing Defrost Drain. Whirlpool if your employees worked like your refrigerators you would fire them. Miller holds a diploma in social services from Clarke College in Belleville, Ontario. Hi I purchased a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator, model WRS325FDAM02. Good Luck to all who has this problem. I then asked about the broken support holders on the inside, which broke within the first few months, and they said it was only covered for 30 days!

It is missing in the side wall. We also paid extra for the extended warranty. I have the Whirlpool french door refrigerator model WRF990SLAM00. Very expensive and the ice maker has already been replaced the failed again. It also appeared to be running all the time. I looked on the Whirlpool website at their refrigerator warranties and on the warranty there is a box that says "second thru fifth year full warranty on sealed refrigeration system) YET, the manual I received does not have that same paragraph under the first year warranty description. 42" Jade refrigerator that has been repaired countless times over the past 5 years. then we started having issues with the freezer going from -10 to +10degrees, then the refrigerator part was going from 30 to 50 degrees spoiling fruits and vegetables. Compressor was hot to touch.

Whirlpool csr said there were no reported problems with this model, only my complaints!! My whirlpool sidekick stainless steel refrigerator died within the first year....authorized whirlpool service reps could not repair.

Purchased it in 2013 from Lowes and also bought the extended service plan at that time. Click to learn more about LawyersandSettlements.com. Just bought one of the whirlpool side by sides. Same problem as others have stated. If there is a class action I would like to know about it. The PartSelect logo is a Registered Trademark of Atlantic Laundry Centres, Ltd. Our Jade Refrig model RJRS4280D has the drip tray problem as well. That Whirlpool's customer service is poor. I have the whirlpool Gold french door fridge that is over a year old. At least we will not have that problem now. Now, I understand why I cannot have my new Whirlpool frig operational. Parts and labor to fix in the $1000s is what he said.

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The freezer stops cooling to turn on the defrost heater, but should resume cooling after about an hour.

Paid almost $3000.00 for this piece of junk. By Jan. 2015 the shelf cracked again and when I looked at the cracks, they had both widened and deepened. That the freezer ran almost non-stop and the temperature gauge showed that the freezer was up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, when in fact it was below 20 degrees Fahrenheit; That the icemaker quit working repeatedly (mentioned several times) and in some cases Whirlpool would not replace the defective part; That the fridge floods, causing damage to customers' floors; and. sorry to hear that you have the same problems as the rest of us. Whirlpool has agreed to reimburse class members for out-of-pocket expenses that went toward repairing or replacing drain tubes linked to leaking water/ice buildup within five years of purchase. The unit would run for about 3 months without a problem then guess what. I called for this issue and today, July 30th, the tech came out to my house.

I have replaced "ice maker" unit 5 times. I called Whirlpool last week and I kept asking if this was a defect and they kept saying it was out of the warranty period but they would send a repairman & pay for parts if I paid for labor! I am sure there will be rust soon because water is there everyday. How? I get condensation on the outside.

Was told unit can be taken into shop for 175$ upfront so they can take it apart and try to fix the issue. We are often told to call back at a different time. I researched this model and didn't see all these issues or I would have kept looking! Ice melting in the door, dripping down side of fridge.

Which went all over the floor.

I bought the whirlpool sidekicks all refrigerator and all-freezer pair in August of 2008. It is the worst product I have ever purchased and Whirlpools lack of support has cost them a very loyal customer!!! If the freezer still does not get cold after an hour, a faulty defrost timer may be the cause or the refrigerator wiring may be damaged. KitchenAid 22 Cu. We purchased a near-$3000 unit in April 2013 and the freezer unit has conked out twice. Within 3 months the ice maker quit, and dripped everywhere. So now I have a defective refrigerator and a ton of pushback from this awful company. Glad I found this site detailing the exact problems that I have.

You would think a $5,000 fridge/freezer wouldn't have these issues. of the Lowes store who is going to contact Whirlpool. They said there wasn't any need in that and just kept making appologies. You should be sued for false advertisement.

They looked minor so I checked them over time.


Enjoy a longer-lasting, energy-efficient light on your frozen items with LED lighting.

We kept in contact with whirlpool and they in return lied to us was going us a credit but then we canceled the dealer due to some inflametory remakes that he made to my mother. Unit started getting warm and has held a 55' degree temp for the past few days. If it does not work, reset your circuit breaker or replace the fuse powering the outlet. If this is not the issue, check the temperature control.

Press “Temp” again to view the freezer settings, and adjust these the same way. This freezer pairs perfectly with its counterpart, the matching Sidekicks all-refrigerator (model WSR57R18D) which can be purchased separately to complete your look. If this does not restore power to the outlet, there may be an issue with your electrical system that requires the services of an electrician. [CDATA[*/document.write(new Date().getFullYear())/*]]>*/ Whirlpool. Thank you for your inquiry. All they did was buy me out even after I told them no I want it fixed.

But, my hardwood floors are bulked up, we finally had to turn the water off to the ice. They need to get these units fixed as $2700.00 is a lot of money to pay for a piece of junk. They will not give us a direct number to a person who can help us.

I'm preparing to file a small claims action in case it comes down to that but thought to search for any class action suits in the works. I recently had the same problem with the KitchenAid Refrigerator M/N KBFS25EWMS6 (French door) leaking water out of the bottom due to the buildup of ice on the bottom freezer. Over a three year period and at $450 a pop for each repair and totaling 10+ repair/visits, always the same issue. (Model# GX2FHDXVQ03 SN K03544696) Purchased almost 5 years ago at Lowe's.

My Whirlpool Gold French Door refrigerator is just 2 years old. Model WRF990SLAM00. Error occurred, please verify your email and try again.

I'm out $1400 and will now have to buy a new fridge because of Whirlpool's unwillingness to stand behind their crap. But as with any appliance, problems can occur from time to time. I guess we can add refrigerators to the list of items made to break within a year. Registration, Service &

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